Aplitop TcpGPS full cracked software

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this applications for field work allows the user to perdform surveys and set out.

Aplitop TcpGPS Product Review

All-in-one solution for surveying and setting-out with GNSS receivers

This application for field work allows the user to perform surveys and set out using a wide range of GNSS receivers, integrated into the data collector or connected via Bluetooth.

The program has multiple options for surveying and stake out plots, terrains and linear works. You can use ESRI or Apple base maps as well as orthoimages, cartography and web map services.

The applications work on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, with different modules and features.


How do you collect data With Aplitop TcpGPS android software

1-GIS Survey2-GIS attributes3-Polyline Stakeout

Setting up Tersus Oscar RTK GNSS receiver to work with Aplitop TcpGPS Software

Aplitop TcpGPS Specifications

Version Basic, Advanced
Operating system Windows, Android


Analysis of tunnel data captured by terrestrial scanner

This powerful application calculates tunnel cross sections for roads or railways, based on laser scanner data.

Starting from the point cloud, cross sections are calculated, which can be modified by a powerful editor. They can be displayed in 2D or 3D, showing the infra and over-excavation zones, and can also be exported to DXF, with multiple customization options.

The program also generates other results such as area and volume reports, deviation of the real alignment, inspection map, orthoimages and video simulation of the tunnel.