VirtuSurv cracked version

$ 130.00


  • Load large data sets or full scan projects quickly.
  • Send coordinates and distances directly into any Windows software.
  • Send customized commands to AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT and similar CAD packages


Do you use laser scanning for fast data collection? But find point clouds too confusing? Looking for a fast and easy workflow? Want to start without training?

VirtuSurv is the solution.

  • Fast loading through an optimized file format
  • Fast and intuitive navigation within photo-like scan views
  • Transfer of measurements into your forms and databases
  • Direct interface to CAD and other Windows applications
  • No bulky point clouds inside your CAD
  • Support of your familiar workflows
  • Support of numerous scan data formats
  • The software can be used anywhere measurement data needs to be extracted from laser scans.

Areas of application are for example:

  • Collection of as-built data for the preservation of historical monuments, construction and architecture
  • Measurements for window construction, interior fittings, interior design, etc.
  • Survey of industrial facilities
  • Archaeological excavation documentation
  • Accident and crime scene documentation
  • Preservation of evidence

FARO is compatible with data from most scanner manufacturers

FARO supports most data formats and is therefore hardware independent. As a leading provider of 3D scanners for long range and short range measurement, we are also able to offer complete system solutions.

Evaluate laser scan data with or without CAD

VirtuSurv is FARO software’s standalone software for working with highly visual laser scan data. The program supports the import, export and display of numerous structured scan data formats and has interfaces for Windows based programs as well as various CAD and BIM packages. This flexible platform makes the use of laser scans as easy as using a measuring tape. Take accurate measurements within seconds.

Stream data into forms and databases

VirtuSurv supports a completely digital, less error-prone workflow. Take your measurements in an easy to navigate photo-like scan view and send them directly into the Windows application of your choice. Fill in your forms, Excel sheets, databases or tables with distances or coordinates. Generate results in just three steps: Load the project. Connect to your Windows application. Measure.

Create CAD drawings and 3D models from scan data within minutes

Click and measure your desired points within VirtuSurv and the design is simultaneously drawn into your CAD plan, BIM design. Find coordinates, distances and draw CAD objects without loading large and bulky point clouds into your CAD environment. Adapting VirtuSurv to your current workflow is fast and efficient. Write your own macros with CAD commands and make them easily available using hot keys. Take advantage of predefined and comfortable command strings.

Display laser scans fast and as clear as photos

High resolution views make it possible for the user to navigate intuitively, recognize needed objects and easily survey them within the familiar photo-like view of the scans.

Work in a homogeneous environment

Do you have scans of the same scene, but taken with different scanners in different formats? Combine them in a single VirtuSurv project and measure across the single scan boundaries.

Speed up your processing – Adapt VirtuSurv to your specific workflow

VirtuSurv provides macros which can control the actions of external programs from within the VirtuSurv interface. This considerably speeds up the evaluation of scan data and prevents you from switching between VirtuSurv and the target application. As an experienced user, customize the macros at your will and create new macros in order to optimize your workflow.

Create a coded field book

Surveyors traditionally using a total station and coded field books to generate a finished drawing upon import to their CAD package can now combine laser scanning with this familiar workflow. The ”Create Field Book” option within VirtuSurv supports this traditional procedure and reduces training to a minimum.

VirtuSurv supports:

  • All Windows applications, direct interfaces to AutoCAD(LT), BricsCAD.
  • Via the generic Windows interface: Rhino, GStarCAD, IntelliCAD, Cadwork… ;
  • via Field Book: Geograf, Covadis etc.