ReflectorCAD 1.5

$ 150.00

ReflectorCAD® from Breault Research Organization (BRO) is a paradigm-shifting reflector design tool allowing users to make graphical adjustments to the luminous intensity patterns corresponding to individual reflector segments. The program does the rest.

A graphical change to the luminous intensity pattern of a reflector segment results in automatic changes to the prescription of that segment. This easy, click-and-drag construction and analysis of segmented reflectors, greatly reduces the time required to go from creative concept, to proven design, to prototype.

ReflectorCAD can be used anywhere segmented reflectors are required. The program works well as a stand-alone application, or in concert with ASAP® and the ELTM Add-On. ASAP is BRO’s non-sequential ray tracing program, which includes powerful capabilities for modeling physical optics, imaging, and illumination systems.


ReflectorCAD Segmented Reflector Design Software

Introduction to segmented reflector design using the ReflectorCAD software package by Breault Research Organization. Watch an overview.

ReflectorCAD Applications

Reflector CAD Applications

  • Approximate reflector output in seconds to see the effects of design changes
  • Calculate both positional (illuminance) and directional (luminous intensity) output
  • Use source distribution files created from BRO Light Source Library sources
  • Convert arbitrary raysets into source models
  • Export ReflectorCAD designs to a CAD package in IGES format
  • Import ReflectorCAD designs into ASAP for further analysis
  • Test for compliance with SAE and ECE standards using the optional ASAP/ELTM Module

Key ReflectorCAD Features

Key ReflectorCAD Features

  • Import/export of system geometry in IGES format
  • Point-and-click interface for easy graphical creation and aiming of segments
  • Sophisticated engine for accurate and efficient calculation of output gradients
  • Multiple options for visualization of reflector output
  • Includes more than 100 high-quality source models

ReflectorCAD 1.5 (New Version) Highlights

  • Import of IGES base surfaces
  • Positional output
  • Gradient measurement
  • New sources
  • Assigned source points
  • User-defined source points
  • Alternate segment developer
  • Improved built-in base surfaces
  • Easier aim adjustments
  • Updated 3D viewer support
  • Source positions exported to IGES
  • Configuration preferences
  • New Quick Tour