SOCET SET 5.6.0 full cracked version

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SOCET SET v5.6 digital mapping software is used for precision photogrammetry and geospatial analysis, and is renowned for its unequaled depth, performance, and ability to ingest data from numerous image sources.

Customers worldwide use SOCET SET to create accurate, high resolution digital terrain and surface models, image maps, 3-D visualizations, GIS databases, and more. Its incomparable accuracy comes from the image sensor modeling process, which uses rigorous mathematical models to associate points on an image with their real-world locations.

SOCET SET works with the latest airborne digital sensors and includes innovative point-matching algorithms for multi-sensor triangulation. It offers powerful functionality for triangulation, DEM extraction, orthorectification, mosaicking, and feature collection. Moreover, these capabilities reduce labor hours through optimized, end-to-end workflows, resulting in significant cost savings throughout the mapping process.


SOCET SET also exploits film, digital airborne, satellite, and terrestrial imagery. The software can combine different sources within one project, giving the user maximum flexibility to meet mapping goals. In addition, users can batch-process operations to increase productivity, including distributed processing on networked computers using the Condor application.

SOCET SET’s solid architecture, numerous data formats and sensor models, unmatched algorithms, and rich feature set are the product of more than 25 years of development. This versatile photogrammetry tool tackles large projects with ease, allowing users to streamline tedious, routine digital mapping tasks and optimize their workflows. The data collected and produced by SOCET SET can be exported in various formats forend users, or for input to other applications. These raster and vector products, derived from many different image sources, are widely used throughout the mapping, GIS, remote sensing, visualization, and simulation communities.

Key capabilities:

  • Supports multiple imagery sources with unrivaled range of data formats
  • Simultaneous use of multiple sensors within the same project
  • Flexible batch processing to facilitate automated workflows tuned to customer requirements
  • Capability to produce orthophotos efficiently and broad area mosaics automatically from multiple images
  • Extensive automation throughout, using algorithms derived from years of evolution
  • Extensive application programmer’s interface used by many developers
  • Permits users to edit geodatabases without photogrammetric expertise
  • Exports 3-D databases in standard formats such as OpenFlight


  • SOCET for ArcGIS module works with geodatabases to facilitate versioning and topology
  • DTMs are generated automatically for use with orthophotos, mosaics, and visualization databases
  • Robust, well established functionality for terrain extraction offers enhanced performance through continuous innovation
  • Powerful multi-sensor triangulation functionality reduces production cycles
  • Unprecedented number of sensor and math models provides unmatched accuracy
  • Mosaic Manager automates the mosaicking process to create orthomosaics, ortho sheets, and true orthos
  • Superb pedigree, with thousands of labor hours of investment and experience


The base software includes: frame and close-range image import; multi-image viewing; real-time image shaping and rectification; and automatic interior orientation. Additionally, the “Core” bundle includes Model Setup, Image Map, Line of Sight Analysis, CIB Import, CADRG, OpenFlight™, and Simple Sensor Models. Additional functionality, such as triangulation, DTM generation, orthorectification, and feature collection, is available in optional modules. The user purchases only what is needed.

Additional features available:

Feature collection and editing in the ESRI environment. Since SOCET for ArcGIS utilizes the rigorous photogrammetry of SOCET SET in conjunction with ESRI’s ArcMap application, operators can follow their ordinary GIS workflows in a familiar environment while collecting accurate geospatial data in stereo.

SOCET SET’s vertical obstruction identification software application uses stereo imagery for identifying and collecting vertical obstructions in and around airfields. It automatically creates the FAA, NGA, and ICAO PANS-OPS obstruction identification surfaces for military and civilian airfields.

Minimum hardware and OS requirements

  • Windows XP SP2
  • 2GB RAM
  • Single 1GHz processor
  • 7200 RPM hard drives
  • OpenGL supported graphics card*

Suggested configuration

  • Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7 (full testing on 32-bit/64-bit**)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB RAM on 64-bit**)
  • Quad processor
  • 7200 RPM hard drives
  • NVIDIA QUADRO FX 5000 or better

*Note: only specific NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards are tested.
**Note: SOCET SET is a 32-bit application


  • Base Software (prerequisite for most other modules)
    Frame and close range image import, multi-image viewing, real-time image shaping and rectification, automatic interior orientation. Additionally the “Core” bundle includes Model Setup, Image Map, Line of Sight Analysis, CIB, CADRG, Openflight, and Simple Sensor Models.
  • Model Setup
    Triangulation of 1 or 2 images at a time; interactive point measurement tool; multiple sensor types, direct linear transform fitting; relative, absolute and simultaneous solutions.
  • Image Map
    Image map generation; Annotation including user-defined icons; Map surround tools for image maps; Overlay of user-selected grid lines; Vector superimposition for printing.
  • Line of Sight Analysis
    Compute and display line-of-sight (viewshed); User selected view point; Ability to place antenna or similar line-of sight objects.
  • CIB (Controlled Image Base) Import
    Imports CIB data (a dataset of orthophotos made from rectified grayscale aerial images); Supports C3I theater battle management, mission planning, digital moving map, terrain analysis, simulation and intelligence systems.
  • CADRG (Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphic) Import
    Imports CADRG data comprised of computer-readable digital map and chart images; Supports C3I theater battle management, mission planning and digital moving map systems.
  • OpenFlight Interface
    Export SOCET SET geodetic data (DTM, feature, imagery) to OpenFlight format; Allows for scene rendering within MultiGen or other Performer-based scene visualization applications. (SGI or Windows platforms only).
  • Simple Sensor Models
    DOQ Import, Frame Import, Import/Reformat, Tiff-RPC, Ortho, GeoTIFF, NITF, Topscene, World file, Quickbird Standard, IKONOS, ADS40.

Advanced Sensor Models

  • European Remote Sensing (ERS) Math Model
    Import and triangulate European Space Agency Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) ERS 1 and 2 imagery.
  • Indian Remote Sensing (IRS-1C) Math Model
    Import and triangulate Indian IRS-1C panchromatic and multi-spectral imagery; Processes both PAN and LISS color sensors.
  • Japanese Earth Resource Satellite (JERS) Math Model
    Import and triangulate JERS Level 0 and Level 1 imagery; Rigorous sensor model.
  • LandSat Math Model
    Import LandSat satellite imagery.
  • Panoramic Math Model (Pan)
    Import imagery from panoramic sensors.
  • RadarSat Math Model
    Import and triangulate radar imagery from Canadian RadarSat satellite.
  • SPOT Math Model (SP)
    Import and format SPOT processing levels 1A, 1B in both pan and multispectral image support data in US, French, Australian and Canadian formats; Rigorous sensor model.
  • SPOT5 Math Model (SP)
    Import SPOT5 SPOTScene levels 1A and 1B in DIMAP format; Rigorous sensor model.
  • QuickBird Basic Math Model (QB)
    Support pan and multispectral basic products in TIFF and NITF formats.
  • DOQ Export (DQ)
    Export USGS DOQ orthophotos.

Additional Modules

  • Stereo Visualization
    Stereoscopic viewing and data collection, image management, display overlapping image pairs.
  • Auto Point Measurement
    Automatically measures tie points in all regions of image overlap; Automatically transfers control points between images. (Requires Block Triangulation or Model Setup.
  • Block Triangulation
    Multi-image, multi-sensor triangulation/geo-positioning; bundle adjustment of any number of images; multiple sensor types, airborne, GPS inputs, semi-automatic measurements, blunder detection; relative, absolute and simultaneous solutions.
  • Auto Terrain Extraction
    Fully automated terrain extraction; automatic digital terrain model (DTM) generation; adaptive automatic grid or TIN extraction; automatic breakline extraction.
  • True Ortho
    (Ortho Generation on Pull Down): Single image orthophoto or stereomate generation; Multi-image “true” orthophoto generation using polygons from 3-D-Feature Extraction.
  • Interactive Terrain Editing
    DTM and overlay graphics; Contour generation and editing; interactive GRID and TIN editing; Shaded relief image generation; Elevation file merging and breakline merging; Visibility analysis.
  • 3-D Feature Extraction
    Digitizing points, lines, polygons and 3-D volumetric features; Feature attribution; DXF import/export; Data collection for visualization; Placement of generic objects for display through rendering systems; ARC/SDE interface; perspective scenes (flythroughs and walkthroughs).
  • Ortho-Mosaic
    (Mosaic on Pull Down): Generates orthophoto mosaic; Inputs are single image, multiple images or multiple orthophotos; Radiometric balancing, feathering, and tonal transfer curve application; Automatic or user defined seam-lines; Automatic sheet cutter tool.
  • TopScene Interface
    Data exchange with DOD TopScene mission rehearsal system; Imports and exports geodetic data (DTM, feature, imagery) to/from the TopScene system.
  • Developer’s Kit (Site License)
    Develop your own software to augment SOCET SET functionality; C and C++ libraries provided; API for real-time applications; Read and write all SOCET SET data types, build custom math models; Training classes available; Only one license per network required.
  • MC&G Spec Files (Site License)
    Required to produce NGA vector databases; Includes feature extraction specification for TLM, JOG-A foundation feature data and VMAP-2; Works seamlessly with SOCET SET; Allows creation, editing and revision of NGA vector databases; Only one license per network required.
  • Visual Coverage Tool (VCT)
    Allows for visual management of on and offline data used with SOCET GXP, SOCET SET and VITec ELT. VCT shows footprints of all maps and images that are available on your network on either a World Map, CADRG or CIB background. The VCT is used to easily locate and select data to load in to the geospatial tool for further exploitation or production.
  • SOCET for ArcGIS
    SOCET for ArcGIS is the modern, rigorous approach that enables GIS practitioners who need accurate and complete features to work in the ArcMap environment, with stereoscopic viewing of imagery and full 3-D capabilities, while the photogrammetric operations go on behind the scenes.