NAPA 2013 Ship Design Software

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NAPA has been the preferred partner for industry’s leading organizations for several decades. Today, NAPA is used successfully by several hundred professional organizations, including the leading shipyards, classification societies, maritime authorities, consultancies, model basins, research institutes, ship owners and ship operators worldwide.

NAPA for Design incorporates state of the art hull surface and 3D model definition with advanced hydrodynamic, stability and structural design software tools, thus enabling the handling of all aspects of eco-efficiency at the early design stages in a single software system.


NAPA Contract Design

The ability to build optimal designs quickly in the ship concept phase is crucial for winning and successful delivering contracts. NAPA enables the optimal contract design solution for any kind of floating vessel. As industry leader, NAPA also offers enhanced integration to customers’ processes.

NAPA is the tool for the naval architect in any marine engineering project

Obtaining an optimum contract design solution before contract

  • Quick and easy creation of entire ship’s 3D model, including surfaces and compartments
  • Unequalled speed of displaying design variations for time-efficient identification of the optimal solution
  • Performance of relevant naval architectural analyses and assurance of the technical and regulatory feasibility of the design
  • Swift and facile modification of design and geometry changes
  • Seamless interface to basic design – equivalent NAPA modules serve the needs of basic design, design approval and delivery documentation
  • Applicability and flexibility for designing any type of ship or floating structure

NAPA Contract Design key features

  • Hull form design
  • Compartments and internal geometry
  • Speed and power prediction
  • Hydrostatics and stability
  • Loading conditions
  • Seakeeping and maneuvering
  • Stability criteria check
  • Longitudinal strength
  • Weight and cost estimation
  • Required freight rate studies
  • Freeboard and tonnage calculation
  • General purpose optimization tools
  • Drawings and reporting

For ship designers

Flexible and efficient design tools for the contracting phase, enabling rapid design changes and optimization

For shipyards

Integrated system ranging from contract design to class drawings and delivery documents

For offshore design

Design tools supporting contracting of offshore structures: modelling and analysis capabilities surpassing common design challenges

NAPA Statutory Compliance

Shipyards and marine engineers of today are in need of precise calculation for stability and strength. Through its strong product model, speed, and accurate calculation engine, NAPA’s Statutory analysis tools is the de facto standard for the shipbuilding industry. NAPA offers a comprehensive stability criteria library covering a substantial portion of the existing statutory requirements. In addition, criteria can be defined for any existing and future stability regulations.

NAPA enables rapid and timely damage analysis with an excellent visualisation of results

Stability analysis software for compliance and approval of design and statutory requirements

  • Evaluation capability for all relevant stability criteria and requirements
  • Approved and continuously used by world’s leading classification societies and maritime administrations
  • Industry standard module integrating the current regulations and significantly contributes to a smoother approval process
  • Easy-to-use tools for handling the analysis process, such as probabilistic damage stability
  • Flooding simulation enabling time-domain progressive calculations for future stability regulations
  • Superb capabilities for integration into the  ship design process
  • Powerful tools for generating data and reports for relevant parties in the design process

NAPA Statutory compliance key features

  • Intact and damage stability evaluation for required regulations including
  • SOLAS 2009 and SPS Code
  • Flooding Simulation tool for cross flooding calculations according to Resolution MSC.245(83)
  • Revised Annex 1 of MARPOL 73/78 (also Regulation 12A)
  • Generation of limiting GM/KG curves
  • IACS longitudinal strength including shear force corrections
  • Inclining test
  • Grain stability
  • Offshore structure stability
  • Freeboard and tonnage
  • Document generation, such as booklets for Intact and Damage Stability

For ship designers

Comprehensive tool for regulatory stability analysis assisting in designing safe ships and offshore structures

For shipyards

NAPA is a key element in the integrated design process and  an industry standard at  major shipyards  worldwide, providing the designer with flexible tools for any project

For offshore design

Seamless transfer of data from ship designers to authorities, increasing the efficiency and saving time in the approval process

For research institutes and universities

Broad application for research purposes: Studying optimum designs and developing future concepts

NAPA Hull Form and Performance

Optimization and eco-efficiency are increasingly important topics in hull design, setting new requirements and standards for the hull design tools used. NAPA offers the state-of-the-art tools for hull form definition and optimization throughout the entire design process. The unique NAPA hull design methodology allows an applicability exceeding conventional systems while still maintaining the precision needed for final fairing work.

NAPA applied in CFD analysis

Industry’s most advanced tools for hull design and optimization

  • Unique hull design methodology allowing better control and flexibility while still maintaining the accuracy needed for final fairing work
  • Several supported hull design methods: real 3D topological surface modelling, local and global transformations, parametric definitions and more
  • Rendered graphics, sectioning and curvature plotting tools allowing quick and visual evaluation of hull fairness
  • All necessary tools for hydrodynamic design of the hull: CFD, optimization, parametric definitions, sea keeping and maneuvering

NAPA Hull form and performance key features

  • Performance prediction tools integrated in hull design evaluation
  • Power prediction using empirical methods or CFD
  • Sea keeping analysis: 6. d.o.f. response in irregular waves, sea keeping criteria, downtime, wave added resistance
  • Maneuvering simulations according to IMO resolution A.751(18)
  • Circle, zig-zag, crash stop, man over board and station keeping calculations
  • Wave resistance calculation based on an integrated CFD viscous flow or potential flow solver
  • Optimum floating position and trim curves with the CFD Manager tool
  • Panel model generation and transfer option to external CFD systems
  • Multi-objective genetic algorithms to handle any kind of optimization task

For ship designers

State-of –the art tools for hull modelling and optimization enabling competitive designs throughout the design phases. Integrates hydrodynamic analysis as an easy-to-use tool in the everyday design process

For shipyards

Hull form definition and optimization tools for all design phases ranging from concept design to final fairing. Integrates hydrodynamic analysis as an easy-to-use tool in the everyday design process

For offshore design

Flexible modeler for all kind of offshore structures including semisubmersibles and jack-ups. The included panel method allows to check motions, velocities and accelerations caused by the sea conditions

For research institutes and universities

An integrated tool for CFD, hydrodynamics and creating the hull surface for production of tank test models