AGTEK Earthwork 4D Suite 1.20 cracked

$ 200.00

Include :Trackwork 4D, Sitework 4D, Highway 4D, Materials 4D, Underground 4D, SmartPlan, Graphic Grade, SmartGrade RTK

AGTEK pioneered computerized takeoff back in 1983 and continues to lead the way. Earthwork, Paving, and Pipe takeoff that not only quantifies but provides unmatched field documentation. And all use Internet keys which let you work from your office, truck or kitchen table for an even greater value in this connected world.


Whether planning how the dirt moves or the GPS model for machine control, AGTEK has a solution. Estimate how much equipment, for how many days until completion. Optimize equipment spreads, model more complex hauls. All before mobilization and with an ease that allows a faster, deeper understanding of the project.

And when the equipment starts running that GPS machine control system needs a 3D model. AGTEK is the fastest, easiest way to get a GPS model, make the inevitable changes, and verify it’s correct. Whether you’re running AGTEK, Trimble, Topcon, or Leica machine control systems on Sitework or Highway.

From Prebid walkthroughs to the finished pads, AGTEK field management solutions are designed to get the work done quickly and easily. Document field conditions and prepare to mobilize on your smartphone while walking on your geo-referenced plans. Take the cut-fill grid map you’ve used for years and make it walkable with easy updates over the life of the job.

Monitor production rates of the moving machines so you know you’re on budget that morning instead of the next day. Document the production now and for future estimates. Verify the productivity of automatic machine control on your job with your operators.

And if you need simple, flexible, easy to implement grade control or grade guidance you’ll not find a better value than AGTEK’s mobile RTK GPS solutions. Set grade, stake, or quick-mount to your equipment or truck. Position and grade anywhere it’s needed.