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Intergraph Smart™ 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D design solution specifically tailored for plant, offshore, shipbuilding, and the metals and mining industries, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation.

Intergraph Smart™ 3D – a next generation, data-centric, and rule-driven solution – is specifically designed to deliver mission-critical requirements. Breaking through barriers imposed by traditional technologies to enable a truly iterative design environment, Smart 3D provides a competitive edge to EPCs and O/Os alike.

A fundamental component of Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Enterprise, Intergraph Smart 3D provides all of the capabilities needed to design plant, marine, and materials handling facilities, and then maintain their 3D “as-built” representations. Take advantage of data-centric technology, a strong rules- and relationship based architecture, customized automation capabilities, and an integrated reuse approach to execute even the largest and most complex projects with centralized visibility and control.

Feature Focus

Smart 3D 2016 New Feature Focus – Isogen Configuration

Continuing our series highlighting features of the upcoming 2016 release of Intergraph Smart 3D, is the new Isogen Configuration panel.


is consolidating its market-leading, next-generation plant, offshore,
and materials handling design solutions, SmartPlant
3D, SmartMarine
3D, and
SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition, into a single solution called Intergraph
3D. Smart 3D technology delivers the highest level of productivity of any
solution available today.
Smart 3D provides multi-industry capabilities in a single application. Combining the
functionality for ship/offshore projects and materials handling with those of onshore
plant design, Smart 3D represents the most comprehensive solution for intelligent 3D
design. Since all the data is stored in a single database, concurrent engineering in one
or multiple locations is achieved via robust and flexible data replication technology from
or Oracle. A consistent, workflow-oriented user interface designed to be in
tuitive and discoverable makes Smart 3D easy to learn, allowing quick ramp-up of even
the largest projects.
Smart 3D includes several enhancements aimed at boosting productivity, such as:
Extended Model Data Reuse (MDR) capabilities now support marine structural ob
jects, pipe spec mapping, and drawing reuse.
Improved performance and reduced administrative overhead for global workshare for
Oracle users via Oracle GoldenGate.
Full integration of Intergraph’s powerful Batch Services technology, including
central administration of both local and piped queues.
Spec-driven duct modeling to ensure HVAC and industrial duct systems
are compliant with company practice and applicable engineering standards.
Improved object selection, rotation, and measurement in a 3D modeling environment.
Intuitive, user-definable forms for straightforward modeling of complex
pipe support assemblies.
Improved modeling of jacketed piping, including automated discrimination between
core and jacket pipe runs; support for disconnected jacketing; and automated gen
eration of fabrication/erection isometrics.
More automatic cable routing capabilities, like allowable and avoidance volumes.
For companies previously using SmartPlant 3D or other plant design systems, s
powerful application environments are now available:
odular design capabilities
– Rule-based or interactive
assembly definitions for use in sequencing construction and
installation operations.
Weight and Center of Gravity
– Automated calculation and
flexible display/reporting for accurate and comprehensive track
ing of mass property information.
Automated Structural Detailing
– Rule-based generation
of welds, bevels, notching, sniping, and more for both modeling
and fabrication.
Structural Manufacturing
– Automatic cutting sketches and
interface to external nesting systems.
Hole Management
– Managed environment enables rule-
based generation of penetrations through all types of structural
objects with automated detailing, change management, and
handshaking between the initiator and the owner of the object
being penetrated.
Additional automatic drawing extraction capabilities
Assembly sequencing and structural fabrication drawings.
Smart 3D is the only system to offer interoperability with both
graphics and data attributes of foreign CAD models, making it
ideally suited to brownfield and joint-venture projects. This capa
bility allows intelligent connections to externally modeled piping
and equipment, real-time clashing across all authoring tools, view
filtering, and combined foreign-native orthographic drawings and
reports. Through integration with SmartPlant Interop Publisher,
Smart 3D extends the number of supported 3D formats, enabling
an even richer, centrally-managed 3D ecosystem.
Improvements to automated generation of project deliverables –
including simplified administration and configuration utilities – add
value to projects more quickly than ever before. Smart 3D now
comes with a new Isometric Setup tool for even easier configura
tion of integrated Piping Isometric generation. Isometrics have been
enhanced to better support jacketed piping, including disconnected
A new profile and data drawing template enables users to update
bills of materials to better reflect company standards. Drawing by
ruleset functionality has been extended to support outfitting/plant
objects, providing an efficient mechanism for automated generation
of complete drawings sets. And, the automatic drawing templates
now offer enhancements for hangers and support.
Smart 3D continues to extend its 3D modeling capabilities to meet
the needs of the marine/offshore design and fabrication market.
Enhancements include sophisticated plate-splitting and weld
generation capabilities, advanced member placement, parametric
modeling of topological openings, additional options for structural
detailing, and greater detection and change management capabili
ties in the Common Parts Engine.
Responding to input from a burgeoning user community in the min
ing sector, Smart 3D now leverages a conveyor belt object class,
extending capabilities to model, manage, and generate accurate
and detailed deliverables on mining projects in a comprehensive
and efficient manner. Enhancements include:
Seamless integration with SideWinder, Helix, and Beltstat belt
design applications.
Automated belt certification/correction.
Internal 2D/3D workflow for modeling conveyor components.
Trestle Wizard for parametric modeling of trestles.
Design reuse capabilities via Smart 3D’s MDR command.
Parametric layout, modeling, and detail design of chutes.