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HullScant Hull Scantlings ISO 12215-5 Program
HullScant Rudder Hull Scantlings ISO 12215-8 Program
Ship Motions
WinDesign6 VPP First Module (Mono or Multi-hull)/Second module (on same Dongle)
GoPlot Technical Plotting Program
ShipShape Lines Fairing Program
DXFtoLFH File Format Converter

Note: HullScant Rudder requires HullScant to be purchased.


WinDesign VPP

We are developing the next release of the WinDesign VPP suite of software. Please email us with your VPP requirements.

The next release of the WinDesign VPP suite will be a refinement of this industry standard software. Whilst retaining all of the features of the earlier versions, several substantial and exciting capabilities will be added. Monohull, Multihull and Dynamic Lifting Foils capabilities will be available.


HullScant is the Wolfson Unit’s Hull Scantlings program. It has been developed in collaboration with the International Sailing Federation and Royal Yachting Association.

HullScant is used to evaluate the scantlings for motor and sailing vessels under 24 metres.

The program calculates the actual scantling structural properties of a vessel and can compare this with the requirements set out in the ISO standard 12215, Part 5, which deals with pressures and scantling equations for fibre reinforced plastic, metal and wood monohull boats.

The HullScant software is specifically designed for all builders and designers conducting a scantling assessment and will greatly simplify the process of design category assessment for pleasure craft under the Recreational Craft Directive.

Ship Motions

Ship Motions is a program for predicting regular wave responses and statistical information from an initial hull geometry. The motion can be calculated with five degrees of freedom: heave, sway, roll, yaw and pitch. Different types of spectra may be used to generate the statistics, and wave spreading may be invoked. The wave angles may be from any direction between ahead and astern.
Ship Motions has been derived from a set of programs that have been developed over the past twenty years by the Department of Ship Science at the University of Southampton for the M.O.D. The program results are constantly being validated against full-scale ship trials and, when appropriate, against model tests in regular and irregular seas.