SheetWorks Series v19 sp3.0 (full cracked software)

$ 150.00

Powerful 3D CAD

SheetWorks is a  3D CAD package allowing for creation of single parts, assemblies and detailed engineering drawings.

SheetWorks incorporates a full license of SolidWorks 3D CAD, which is then enhanced by adding dedicated sheet metal design and processing functions.

  • Produce 3D models, assemblies and detailed engineering drawings
  • Save time and scrap through proving and testing parts and assemblies in a virtually environment
  • Produce high quality visuals for improved product communication


Benefits :

Reduce Scrap & Improve Quality
  • Powerful 3D modelling and assembly creation
  • Accurate 3D model and assembly unfolding
  • Automatic design check features
  • Automatic geometry clean up
  • 3D press brake tooling interference check
  • Stress and strain validation
Stream-lined CAD/CAM
  • Pre-configured form library
  • Unfold batches of parts
  • Full SDD integration – SDD import and export
  • Amada CAM integration
  • Fast hole/notch sketching
Powerful Design Capability
  • Full SolidWorks license
  • Dr ABE Tube integration
  • Model stretch feature
  • Assembly positioning features
  • 2D to 3D conversation tools
  • Pre-configured library of models
  • Costing feature linked to the Amada digital database (SDD)

Features :

  • Full Solidworks License
  • Includes Solidworks Photoview 360, Simulation, E-Drawings, Toolbox, FeatureWorks and more
  • 3D unfold
  • Batch unfold
  • Automatic unfold development corrections
  • TubeCAD (links directly to Dr ABE Tube)
  • EstimationWorks
  • Bend deduction, bend tooling and form tool management
  • SDD integration – import/export
  • Dr ABE Bend and AstroCAM interoperability
  • Design check
  • 3D bend return graph
  • Model stretch
  • Drawing tools (hole and notch sketching)
  • Sheet metal manufacture library (pre-defined formings library)
  • Assembly positioning features (interlocking forming/notching)
  • Define views/auto-solid (2D to 3D)
  • Optional upgrade – network license (minimum of 2 seats required)
  • Compatible with Solidworks portfolio of add in products