LinkPAD Series (full cracked software)

$ 130.00

Pressbrake Transmission

LinkPAD allows the transmission of Dr ABE Bend offline programs to Amada non-AMNC press brake machines.

  • Transfers programs to HFE/T & HFE II series press brakes
  • Displays bending sequence and 3D part model
  • Details material and tooling setups
  • Amada digital database (SDD) integration
  • Allows program corrections to be saved back to SDD


Benefits :

Enables Offline Programming
  • Reads/Transmits Dr Abe Bend off-line programs from the Amada digital database (SDD)
  • Program corrections/alternations made on the press brake can be saved back to the SDD
  • Connects to HFE/T via serial cable and to HFE II series via Ethernet
Improve Operator Communication
  • Tooling setup and part/bend information helps the operator quickly setup machine
  • 3D CAD display shows the complete part and key dimensions
  • Simulation of the bending sequence and tool position ensures accuracy and helps reduce scrap
  • Effectively manages tool numbering of double V dies for HFE/T

Features :

  • Program transmission for Dr ABE Bend programs to HFE/T and HFE II press brakes
  • Provides detailed tooling setup information
  • Provides bending simulation and 3D part viewing
  • Amada Digital Database (SDD) integration
  • Allows program changes made on machine to be saved back to the SDD
  • Manages all Amada pressbrake tooling including effective management of 2V dies
  • Provides program sharing between multiple machines
  • Transmission to HFE II Series via Ethernet
  • Communication to multiple HFT/E machines can be managed via a switch box (not supplied)
  • Transmission to HFT/E machines requires a serial cable
  • We advise you to contact us should you have any questions about PC & cable requirements