Vertex G5 Mechanical 2018 v25.0.XX

$ 200.00

Vertex G4 is fourth-generation professional mechanical engineering software. It adheres to general mechanical engineering practices and international standards. Its features are state-of the- art in both 2D and 3D design work. G4’s excellent data management features allow effortless expandability and control over the entire design process.

Vertex G4 mechanical engineering CAD solution is a first-rate tool for 2D and 3D design. It is also capable of much more, including: producing bills of materials, managing product families, accumulating design expertise, and interfacing with other software systems. Vertex G4 also enables group collaboration through project, model, and drawing archives.

In addition to mechanical engineering design, the Vertex family of products includes a wide range of industry-specific applications for hydraulic, electrical, and industrial plant engineering. This enables professionals in different areas to utilise each other’s work.


Machines and equipment

Effortless expandability and control over the entire design process with integrated data management features.

Do you waste your time in looking for documents?  Concentrate in design work. With Vertex the documents are managed for your whole organization and for your stakeholders.

Increase the productivity of after sales: find the product documentation during the whole product life-cycle.

Vehicle manufacturing

More efficient design to the whole product process

Design with ease with versatile and intuitive Vertex G5.

Lost documents are history. Vertex controls them – you find them easily.

Is it hard to produce spare part manuals?
Vertex provides the after-sales material automatically along the design work.

Sheet Metal Structures

Power and speed to sheet metal design

Let Vertex make routine work. You will get accurate production-ready drawings automatically, or send them directly up to punching machine.

Reduce clicks and routine work. Print all the documents related to the product at once to the needs of entire organization and stakeholders.

Production lines manufacturing

Do large assemblies slow down your design? With various lightening techniques, you can design even large models quickly. The documents of large models are kept under control and can be easily found.

2D or 3D design? Do as you wish – both ways are available for you, flexibly.

Steel and Aluminium Structures

Speed up your work by automating design routines with product automation.

You get dimensioning according Eurokoodi 3 with the corresponding documentation.