Ultimate Impostrip 2.2.7 cracked license app

$ 180.00

Imposition software automation at Ultimate means lights out, hands free, true reliable automation. If you are considering a digital print environment, a web-to-print business, increase in profitability, and if you simply want to do more with the same resources, automation is the answer. With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, you have to think differently about imposition and finishing, automation drives results.


Designed with productivity in mind, Ultimate Impostrip Automation optimizes every aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile. In very little time, you can set up a link to your MIS, your online photo editing system or web ordering system. Perfect for very short turnaround delivery on marketing campaigns, transactional and short run of books.

Ultimate Impostrip Scalable delivers unmatched power, speed and flexibility to seamlessly automate the creation of complex impositions for high volume print production. It is designed to resolve the growing bottleneck in imposition due to increasing job sizes and the increasing number of short runs that must be printed in a very quick turnaround time. Workflow requirements seeking for speed will always point to Ultimate Impostrip Scalable.

Connect imposition to your management or web-to-print system

Create one integrated prepress workflow
  • Simplified XML connectivity with upstream systems
  • Pass customer and job information automatically to Ultimate Impostrip® through XML job tickets
  • 3 easy ways to send jobs to Ultimate Impostrip®: Manual imposition, Hot Folders Automation & XML job ticket
  • Seamless integration with Enfocus Switch
  • High usability ratings confirmed by users
  • No programming skills required

Gang jobs of different quantities and sizes

Maximize the coverage of paper and turnaround times
  • Produces the best gang run scenario of regular shapes automatically.
  • Automated rotation of pages depending on the cutter requirements
  • Minimize the blank space and extras
  • No planning or manual intervention required

Generate dynamic barcodes to track your jobs

Pass on data from prepress all the way to finishing
  • Customize the design of barcodes
  • Populate barcodes with dynamic data and meta data from XML job ticket
  • Create barcodes with specific requirements for finishing devices
  • Control the dynamic position of barcodes with conditions and anchor points
  • Supports all types of 1D and 2D barcodes: Code 39, Code 128 A,B,C, I 2 of 5, DataMatrix, QR Code

Get your marks right everytime

For error-free print production
  • Populate text marks with dynamic data and meta data from XML job ticket
  • Upload marks for specific finishing devices
  • Control the dynamic position of text marks with conditions and anchor points
  • Design color bars with spot colors
  • Support all printer’s marks: cut marks, folding marks, registration marks, gripper marks, collating marks and much more.
  • Create marks profiles that can be used to apply a pre-defined set of marks to processed jobs.

Reach high speed imposition processing

Boost the print powerhouses of the future
  • Fastest indexing and imposition times on the market
  • More power and memory for increased productivity and profitability
  • Scalable solution includes perfect management of imposition load balancing and allows for accurate job management.
  • Combine multiple servers to meet the highest performance requirements.
  • Distribute jobs the most efficient way across all available servers, insuring maximum throughput.
  • Add as much imposition power as needed to meet your production requirements.

Combine your offset, digital and large format operations

Your one-stop imposition solution for all your operations
  • Designed for digital, offset and large format print environments.
  • Open solution to centralize your imposition workflow.
  • Unified Mac and Windows Platform (64bit).
  • Easy management of plates, mixed templates, Coming and Going impositions, manual ganged pages, dutch cut layouts and bottling.
  • Automate imposition of irregular shapes with our true shape nesting module, or from our die library

Smart and dynamic impositions for total automation

Experience true imposition intelligence for flat and bound work
  • Have a digital automated imposition employee at your service with the Imposition Agent and Multiple Template Agent
  • Automatically choose the best imposition, even for highly complex jobs
  • Dynamic trim page size, paper size and templates to remove manual intervention.
  • Dynamic marks, barcodes and banner sheets for maximum automation

Intuitive User Experience

Enhanced user experience for efficient workflows
  • Modern look and feel in a redesigned user interface
  • Dramatically simple navigation, visual clarity and ease of use
  • Find the right information, fast with intuitive search tools that understand your data
  • Available in 9 languages