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HST Onboard Release 2, including: Weights and Loading, Longitudinal Strength, Max KG and Stability Criteria
LyDams Large Yacht Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Storage

Programs for PC compatibles. All programs for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, 32-bit and 64-bit.


HST Onboard

HST Onboard is a stand-alone program designed for use by bridge personnel in order to compute vessel-specific sailing state, stability and longitudinal strength information in any loaded condition. The program is supplied with data files, which define the vessel’s geometric shape and loaded conditions, including capacity data for all of the tanks. HST Onboard enables the operator to:

  • Select and edit loaded condition information,
  • Verify the vessel’s compliance with intact stability requirements, as set in the Stability Booklet
  • Show and print reports, which may be used as the ship’s official record at the time of departure.

HST Onboard is an upgrade of Wolfson Unit’s Onboard Loading program, the first program to be approved by the United Kingdom Dept. of Transport’s Marine Safety Agency which performs all of its calculations directly from the hull form.


LyDams (Large Yacht Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Storage) is a real time failure prevention software for sailing and motor yachts.The program acquires, monitors, analyses, stores and retrieves data obtained from onboard sensors. Examples are rig loads, hull and deck strain, vessel motions, vibrations and engine data.

LyDams provides bridge personnel a continuous feedback on the state of the vessel, in the form of readouts and damage status for each onboard sensor. Warnings and alarms are promulgated on the system according to damage models specific to individual sensors. The onboard data can be analysed in real time to yield statistical, comparative and exceedance results.