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As the World’s Most Complete Offline Solution for Mazatrol, CamLink for Windows is uniquely suited to small and large shop environments.


Store and Retrieve Mazatrol or EIA/ISO files offline. Upload/Download programs between your Mazak and PC.


Print or View Mazatrol files. Obtain hard copies of Mazatrol programs to study, or use for training.


Create and Edit Mazatrol programs at your PC. Shape Check the program part, and run a Tool Path Check to ensure program accuracy.

GB\DataEntry Matrix

New for Mazak Matrix. Enhance the power of your Mazatrol Matrix control and boost productivity with CamLink’s latest GB\DataEntry software.


Link Mazatrol to CAD. Convert geometric information from .DXF files directly to Mazatrol.

Extract part geometry information from SolidWorks® into Mazatrol. This non-OEM software can link your SolidWorks’ part model files into Mazatrol. GB\GeoSolid is a counterpart to GB\GeoEntry.


Translate Mazatrol files between different generations of Mazaks. Translate Mazatrol files to run on different generations of Mazak machines.

GB\DataTranslate Matrix

Translate Mazatrol files to the new Mazak Matrix. Combined with GB\DataTranslate, you can take a file saved in an older Mazak control and run it on a newer Mazak Matrix.