OmniTrader 2016 Professional Edition with OmniPilot, DL cracked

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One of the most powerful trading platforms available; with a click of one button, the best candidates are identified, so you can concentrate on trading instead of wasting time
searching for prospects.

Our advanced automation allows you to apply any type of analysis to a large list of securities. Looking for speed? OmniTrader can run a system test over 100x faster than other software. Armed with our analysis and automation, you will immediately see how OmniTrader can take your trading to the next level.

You can have OmniTrader use its chart pattern recognition technology to find opportunities, apply line studies of your own, and even see the market better with our advanced chart types.

You can practice with paper trading accounts or in our simulation modes, and when you’re ready to trade in the live market our quick trade feature lets you trade directly from any of your charts.


OmniTrader includes tools to analyze the market right out of the box. Preconfigured trading strategies and stock scans bring the types of trades that you are looking for right to your desktop. Just tell OmniTrader what kind of trading opportunities you want, and it will search the market for stocks such as:

• Smooth movers
• Weak stocks showing strength
• Oversold and Turning
• Value/growth stocks
• …and more!

Use chart pattern recognition, apply line studies, and see the market better with advanced chart types. OmniTrader’s advanced pattern recognition technology is constantly monitoring your charts to alert you to support/resistance bounces, trendline breaks, and other great trading setups.

Our Non-Time Based (NTB) Charts such as Range Bars, Renko Charts and Tick Charts eliminate noise from the market so that you can concentrate on capturing the big moves.

Practice paper trading, simulate the market or trade in the live market directly from any of your charts.

Create an unlimited number of paper trading accounts so you can practice trading without risk.

OmniTrader delivers advanced trading simulators to let you practice trading any market – intraday or after hours.