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Propeller Design
Power Prediction Release 2
Propeller Design & Power Prediction Release 2
Power Prediction Release 2 Upgrade from Release 1


Propeller Design Program

The Propeller Design Program computes propeller performance, using various design and off-design methods, from standard Gawn and Wageningen B-series propeller charts or propeller data input by the user. Data for Kaplan propellers operating in nozzles are also provided.

The program provides a rapid means of designing a propeller or investigating the influence on performance and efficiency of various design parameters.

Power Prediction Program

The Power Prediction Program calculates the powering requirements of vessels covering a large range of hull forms from merchant ships to planing vessels, using a variety of analytical and regression methods.
The program can calculate the effect of appendages and the effect of changes in hull form parameters. In addition to calculating the resistance and EHP, the program also calculates the propulsive coefficients for each speed. The Power Prediction Program offers standard calculation methods e.g. SSPA and Savitsky, and four Wolfson Unit series:

  • Wolfson Unit Chine Craft,
  • Wolfson Unit Round Bilge,
  • Wolfson Unit Catamaran Craft,
  • Wolfson Unit High Speed Craft.

The Wolfson Unit series were obtained by regressing trim-optimized data obtained by the Wolfson Unit over 30+years of towing tank testing.