Thermoflow Suite V26 (TFLOW26) cracked

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September 26, 2016: Thermoflow Suite 26 (TFLOW26) released. Some highlights follow.

  • GT PRO now includes a built-in, full-featured scripting language that allows you to add your own logical blocks to models.
  • The GT Inlet Chilling/Heating Coil was augmented by addition of a full-featured hardware model of the coil. The new model includes full flexibility in design-point sizing and in engineering selection of materials and tube/fin geometry.
  • THERMOFLEX+PEACE now includes a new comprehensive cost estimate for gas turbine plants, equivalent to what’s available in GT PRO+PEACE. Outputs include a detailed overall cost report, cost report breakdowns showing all equipment, material, and labor, a site plan layout diagram, equipment data tables, and an investment report.
  • A Solar PV component was added to THERMOFLEX. This icon models a photovoltaic array to provide estimate of current output power, annual power yield, field size and arrangement, and installed cost.
  • A Wind Farm component was added to THERMOFLEX. This icon models one or more wind turbines and provides current output power, annual yield estimate, field arrangement, and installed wind farm cost.
  • A Fired Boiler Assembly was added to THERMOFLEX. It provides a centralized set of output reports including a Specification detailing weights, dimensions and installed cost estimate, an ASME Heat Balance, Gas & Water data summaries, Plan & Elevation views, TQ diagram, etc.
  • A Plate Heat Exchanger icon was added to THERMOFLEX. It computes heat transfer, heater geometry including plate details and overall weights and dimensions, and provides estimated heater equipment cost.
  • The Gas Turbine Library was expanded to include additional engines and to revise performance and availability for some existing engine specs.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW26 for details