Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus 2023 cracked release

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Technology computer-aided design (TCAD) refers to the use of computer simulations to develop and optimize semiconductor processing technologies and devices.
Sentaurus Structure Editor is a 2D and 3D device structure editor. The distinct operational modes share a common data representation. Geometric operations can be mixed freely, adding more flexibility to the generation of 3D structures.

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In addition, Sentaurus Structure Editor offers state-of-the-art visualization. Structures are displayed as they are created and powerful view filters make it possible to select a subset of regions and to make regions transparent. Sentaurus Structure Editor is powered by the ACIS geometry kernel, which is well proven and widely used as the basis of many different applications.

Sentaurus Process is an advanced 1D, 2D and 3D process simulator for developing and optimizing silicon semiconductor process technologies. It is a new-generation process simulator for addressing the challenges found in current and future process technologies. Equipped with a set of advanced process models, which include default parameters calibrated with data from equipment vendors, Sentaurus Process provides a predictive framework for simulating a broad range of technologies from nanoscale CMOS to large-scale high-voltage power devices. Sentaurus Process is part of a comprehensive suite of core TCAD products for multi-dimensional process, device, and system simulations, embedded into a powerful user interface.


Fast prototyping, development, and optimization of a broad range of technologies with comprehensive physics-based process modeling capabilities
Enhance device performance by optimization of thermal and mechanical stress in process structures with stress history
Provides insights into advanced physical phenomena through self-consistent multi-dimensional modeling capabilities.