AstroCAM Series (full cracked software)

$ 160.00

Astro Cell Programming (Bending)

Programming system for the Astro I & II bending robotic cell. Using 3D CAD the entire cell program can be manually or automatically prepared, viewed and checked.

Integrated LUL software determines the pick up and unload position of each part allowing for efficient stacking of finished parts.

  • Fast Astro program preparation
  • Simulation of bending sequence
  • Quick tool and gripper change
  • Collision check


Benefits :

Fast Programming
  • Uses 3D models from either Sheetworks or AP100 3D Modification CAD packages
  • Only offline method for programming Astro machines
  • Manual or automatic program generation
  • Simulation and collision check to prevent problems and material waste
  • Quick tool, gripper and robot hand change
Flexible Production
  • Various part insertion and take off options for complicated parts
  • LULCAM for loading and unloading allows numerous part pick and part stacking options
  • Normal, reverse, drop and combined stacking options
  • Fully integrated support for the Auto Tool Changer (ATC) for punch, die, gripper and LUL hand change
  • Supports Amada standard, One Stroke, hemming and Z-bend tooling
  • AstroCAM and Astro both integrated to the Amada Digital Database (SDD)

Features :

  • Full programming for Astro I and II
  • CAPS embedded LUL programming for Astro I
  • LULCAM software for LUL programming for Astro II
  • Auto Tool Changer (ATC) programming
  • Amada digital database (SDD) integration
  • Graphical program simulation
  • Feasibility and collision check
  • Supports Amada standard, One Stroke, hemming and Z-bend tooling
  • Pinch and reposition operation capability
  • Gripper customisation
  • Normal, reverse, drop and combine stacking options
  • Supports multiple load/unload tables
  • Vertical (part rack) and horizontal part loading supported
  • Thickness detector operation