Leica CloudWorx 2023.0.0 for PDMS

$ 160.00

Point cloud plug-in for PDMS

Leica CloudWorx for PDMS
Leica CloudWorx for PDMS is a plug-in for efficiently manipulating, as-built point cloud data captured by laser scanners – directly within PDMS for better retrofit design, construction & operations. It provides a virtual site within PDMS, for greater confidence in assessing potential construction and operational impacts of a design.

Users operate in the familiar PDMS interface, shortening the learning curve for working with point clouds. Leica CloudWorx and the powerful Leica Cyclone and new Leica JetStream point cloud engines and database architecture let PDMS users efficiently visualise and work with large point cloud data sets. Users benefit from complete, accurate laser scan data to conceive designs, check proposed designs against existing conditions, create as-built models, perform critical construction & fabrication QA, and more all directly within PDMS.


Features and Benefits

  • New 3D object exchange between Cyclone and PDMS
  • Fast manipulation of scan data
  • Slices, Half-Space Sections, and Limit Boxes
  • Automatic pipe center D-points
  • Accurate tie-ins, clash checking & reporting
  • Direct measurements from point clouds
  • Multi-user simultaneous network access
  • Supports any laser scanner
  • Steel fitters with catalog
  • Optional Cyclone, JetStream or LGS data sources for ultra-high-speed point cloud rendering
  • Localised in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, Korean

What’s New

This is a major release including a new pipe modeler tool, TruSpace improvements, and the addition of
CloudWorx to the Leica Software Improvement Program.

Pipe Modeler

CloudWorx 2023 adds a new Pipe Modeler tool to improve the process of modeling pipe runs. The Pipe
Modeler tool allows users to automatically grow and extend pipes with a series of clicks and can
automatically create elbows and branches. This tool extends the capabilities of the existing Pipe Fitter to
make it even more convenient for modeling much larger sections of pipe.

Software Improvement Program

With this release, CloudWorx now supports the Leica Software Improvement Program (SIP). The purpose
of the Software Improvement Program is to improve the user experience and to allow users to participate
in the design of future commands, workflows, and features of the product. The goal is to make future
Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS versions best meet your needs.
No personally identifying information is collected and all gathered data will remain strictly anonymous.
Then the collected information cannot be used to get personal information or allow us directly contact you.

What information is collected?

  •  Software Improvement Program focuses on the following anonymous user data:
  • Localization: Country only
  • Language
  • Hardware configuration: OS, CPU, Graphic settings, RAM, etc.
  • Software: TruView versioning
  • License: license type and duration
  • Characteristics of use session
  • Commands and workflows feedbacks

This dialog will appear when CloudWorx opened for the first time after installation. You will be opted in by default. If you would like to opt out of participation you can turn it off from Settings.


The TruSpace feature has received a number of new improvements to maintain consistency with TruView and to provide more functionality to our users.


The track is displayed in the SiteMap overview and MiniMap as well as the 3D data allowing users to intuitively navigate through MMS data. Users can fly along the track by selecting the Fly Track navigation option; this tool operates much the same as the current Flythrough mode but anchored to the track to prevent straying from the trajectory.
Users can use the keyboard arrows or the buttons in the floating toolbar to move forward and backward and the scroll wheel to zoom in on Pano images. Click and drag the left mouse button to pan around the pano at any point.

By displaying and tethering to the track, users will have a better understanding of the capture quality of their mobile data in the same way that Setup placement can inform users of the quality of a TLS project.

Color by Track/Setup/Classification/Elevation

In addition to the standard rendering options (Greyscale, Hue intensity, RGB), users can also render the data by track and assign specific colors to the track or Setup to more easily identify the source of data when interspersed with other tracks.
Likewise for TLS data, users can render by Setup to more easily identify the unique Setup which points come from and visually assess the overlap and registration quality.
To render by Classification, the data must be classified in Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS 2023.0.0 and later and opened as an LGS file. Data opened directly from Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS or Cyclone ENTERPRISE will not support render by Classification. For render by Classification, users cannot change the classification of points but they can change the color assigned to a class to customize the render.
Unlike Classifications, elevation is calculated within TruSpace itself and does not need to be produced in Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS, meaning that all data formats will support this rendering option. Just as with classifications, the user can define the color of each elevation step as well as the interval of the step to suit the needs of their project.

New area measure tool

While in measurement mode, users now have an area measurement option. To use, pick twice to form one leg of the box, then drag out the rectangle and click a third time to close the box. The area of the rectangle will be displayed.
At this time, only rectangular area measurements are supported.
Area measurement annotations will also obey the Simple and Advanced annotation styles.

New angle measurement tool

While in measurement mode, users now have an angle measurement option. To use, simply pick on one
surface, the vertex then an adjoining surface.
Angle measurement annotations will also obey the Simple and Advanced annotation styles.

Improved Limit Box Creation

The creation of Limit Boxes in TruSpace now conforms to be behavior that users will be familiar with in other products such as Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS. As a Limit Box is being created, the user will dynamically see the extents of the Limit Box change so they can more quickly create and accurate Limit Box for their use.

Active UCS

If a user has defined an Active UCS in during registration and publishing, it will now be selected automatically when opening a data source. The user may still choose to select another available UCS during open, but the Active UCS will be pre-selected when present.

Leica CloudWorx 2023.0.0 Compatibility and Upgrades

Upgrading to Leica CloudWorx 2023.0.0 for PDMS from Leica CloudWorx 2022.0.1 for PDMS

You must have Administrator-level privileges on your workstation to correctly install Leica CloudWorx software.

If using IMP data, first run the current Cyclone installer if you do not have a version of Cyclone installed. Otherwise/Next run the CloudWorx 2023.0.0 installer and follow the directions to proceed with the installation. Please heed the warning message about compatibility of earlier version databases. We strongly recommend that users not use the “Repair” option when upgrading. Rather, users should select “Remove” when it appears and then run the setup again to install the new version.

Compatibility with Leica CloudWorx 2023.0.0 for PDMS AND PDMS Versions

CloudWorx 2023.0.0 for PDMS officially supports PDMS versions 12.0 and 12.1. For version 12.0 you need at least PDMS12.0.SP6.55 hotfix and for 12.1 you need at least 12.1.SP4 hotfix.

Compatibility with JetStream Enterprise

CloudWorx 2023.0.0 for PDMS is compatible with JetStream Enterprise 1.3 and higher. To access the latest features, it is recommended that users update to the latest release of JetStream Enterprise 2020.

Compatibility with Cyclone ENTERPRISE

CloudWorx 2023.0.0 for PDMS is compatible with Cyclone ENTERPRISE 2021.0.0 and higher.

Compatibility with CloudWorx Ultimate

CloudWorx 2.1.2 (or later) for PDMS is compatible with the CloudWorx Ultimate License.

Deprecated Features

Leica Geosystems strives to provide support for the widest array of operating systems and file formats possible as is reasonable given current technologies and support from third-party partners.
With each release, we review our list of currently supported formats and operating systems in line with industry trends and announced product terminations.
Leica Geosystems may add or terminate support for a file format during any release. Obsolete operating systems will be supported for six months after their announced termination or the next major software release, whichever comes first. Server products will be supported in alignment with Leica’s Client License Manager (CLM) supported servers to guard users against incompatibility.

Please reference the Leica Geosystems Deprecated Features policy for a complete listing of discontinued features, formats and operating systems.

CloudWorx 2022.0.1

  • CLM versions prior to 2.5 are no longer supported.

Known Issues

Installing CLM while JetStream service is running

During installation of CLM, users may encounter the following error message. This is commonly due to a service like JetStream running in the background.

To enable the successful installation of CLM, please follow these steps:

  • Launch the task manager
  • Select the Services tab
  • Look up the process with the PID (Process ID) shown in the Close applications dialog
  • In this case it is JetStream
  • Terminate the process so that CLM can be installed
  • After CLM is installed, click on the Services button in the Task Manager and restart the service

Switching JetStream server with JetStream project open

CloudWorx does not support switching JetStream servers while a JetStream project is open. Upon
attempting this action, the user will receive a message which states, “You already have a CloudWorx
project open.” Users should close the active project before switching JetStream servers.

Equivalent user permissions requirement

When working with IMP data, PDMS must be run with the same level of user privileges as Cyclone was originally configured with. Meaning if Cyclone is configured to Run As Administrator, then PDMS should be Run As Administrator to connect to Cyclone and open an IMP.