SigmaTUBE X1.6 cracked license

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Why SigmaTUBE

SigmaTUBE is a complete tube and pipe cutting software that operates seamlessly inside SOLIDWORKS. Custom modules help you optimize material usage and get the most out of your tube cutting machine. Supported machines include Mazak FabriGear, Trumpf, BLM, Bystronic, Amada and more.

Complex programming made easy

Improve order turnaround time

Maximize material usage and machine performance

No separate CAM system required


SigmaTUBE Features

Dialog Interface

New tutorials to assist with easy, step-by-step programming

Auto Task

TrueShape nesting maximizes material utilization and enables common-line cutting

True Shape Nesting

Auto Task automatically groups parts by machine, material, and profile type for easy nesting.

What’s new in SigmaTUBE

Straighten rectangular tubing

SigmaTUBE now straightens any sharp-bend, rectangular or square tubing drawn using the SOLIDWORKS Structural Member tool.

Partial weld prep

Easily create chamfered edges and partial weld preps by specifying the size of a land during weld preparation.

I-Beam pre-tilting

You can now control the tilt timing and angle when cutting I-beams with a 5 or 6-axis machine.

Single pierce open section toolpath

Cut open section end loops using a single pierce and toolpath. This minimizes pierces on channel and angle parts.

Best Stick Nesting

Optimize yields with the new Best Stick Nesting option. SigmaTUBE automatically chooses the best material for the nest to maximize usage and minimize waste.

Tabbing enhancements

Create leadin tabs with just a few clicks when applying automatic or manual tabs. You can also use the Split and Reverse function to add tabs at selected break points.

Filler parts

Designate filler parts to be used automatically when the stock is not fully consumed. This maximizes usage in cases where material might otherwise go to waste.

Nest Calculator

Use the new Nest Calculator to calculate the ideal stock length for a task. The calculator displays a complete stock comparison, showing you which lengths yield the highest utilization percentage.
New Comprehensive Installation Package

Easy installation

SigmaTUBE’s comprehensive installation package combines all aspects of program setup into one continuous process. A new Start-up Guide is also available, with step-by-step instructions for every type of SigmaTUBE installation.

More Features

SOLIDWORKS® Gold Partner

SigmaTUBE is a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner, meaning that it seamlessly integrates with the SOLIDWORKS interface, offering true CAD/CAM integration and a fluid workflow.

Intuitive user interface with tutorials

Native integration with SOLIDWORKS ensures familiarity with the SigmaTUBE workflow, and new tutorials help you get started right out of the box.

Automatic feature recognition

SigmaTUBE automatically recognizes part features, setting up the profile, orientation, and toolpath for each part as it’s imported.

Automatic toolpath generation

Generate toolpath with a single click. Or, for complete control, manually apply the toolpath and check for collisions as needed.
3D Tool Stimulation

3D toolpath simulation

Preview each cut using complete 3D toolpath simulation with line-by-line code for reference.
Geometry Composition

Automatic geometry compensation

Use geometry compensation to cut angled parts, even on machines without bevel capabilities.


Tab your parts automatically for ease of use, or manually for complete control.
True Shape Nesting

TrueShape nesting

Use SigmaTUBE’s nesting capabilities to maximize usage and reduce programming time. Automatically nest full assemblies using our advanced TrueShape algorithm. You can also manually nest parts where needed.
Cutting Marking

Sketches and marking

Full SOLIDWORKS integration enables you to automatically generate sketches and partial depth cuts on parts. You can also wrap sketches around the face of rounded parts.
Torch Compensation

Torch radius compensation

Automatically apply kerf compensation using Kerf in Computer tools. Specify fixed kerf values or use kerf lookup based on material, thickness, and process parameters.
Bevel Cutting

Bevel cutting

SigmaTUBE supports 5 and 6-axis beveling on all tube shapes. Automatically compensate for torch motion to achieve precise cuts on every corner and angle.
Weld Pep

Weld prep support

Quickly and easily create weld preps on your part or assembly based on the selected geometry and angle.
Corner Quality

Variable cutting conditions

For square and rectangular tubing, SigmaTUBE automatically adjusts the cutting conditions when reaching, cutting on, and exiting a corner.

Automatic toolpath sequencing

SigmaTUBE offers you the flexibility to quickly and easily resequence toolpath. You can make the adjustments manually or modify the sorting settings before generating the final program.

Full 3D interface

Whether you want to create new parts, edit existing toolpath, or view a cutting simulation, SigmaTUBE’s full 3D interface makes it easy to use and highly adaptable.