SAGE Profile 3.0.26 cracked software

$ 190.00

After a period of feedback from clients, Fugro is happy to announce the release of version 3.0.26.

This version addresses a number of minor bugs and also fixes two major problems with the previous release related to memory use and compatibility with older versions. These are listed below:

  • Reduction of the memory usage which allows the loading and importing of larger projects and exporting of results (to be fully resolved for v3.1)
  • Problems related to the creation of backfilling operations without prior trenching


SAGE Profile, the market leader software for subsea pipeline analysis

Developed by Fugro Geoconsulting, SAGE Profile assists pipeline engineers
in designing and installing subsea pipelines.

8 reasons to select SAGE Profile for the design of your pipelines:

  1. Developed under the guidance of pipeline engineers, for pipeline engineers
  2. Fast calculation: restart capabilities, optimised explicit solver and multi-threading options
  3. Fast learning curve thanks to a user-friendly interface and model setup wizard
  4. Prompt identification of critical areas to assess buckling and pipeline walking
  5. Reliable assessment of free spanning areas and ability to rectify the seabed where needed
  6. Continuous development of new features in close collaboration with our clients, including oil and gas majors
  7. Training courses tailored to Client’s specific requirements
  8. Flexible pricing and licensing options

SAGE Profile, Fugro’s state-of-the-art subsea pipeline analysis software

Fugro commercialises the SAGE Profile software, which they specifically develop to assist pipeline engineers in the design and analysis of their subsea pipelines. The software is used internationally by numerous clients active in the oil and gas industry.

The powerful finite element solver provides an excellent tool for conventional and more complicated designs such as pipeline route optimisation, realistic simulation of the pipe-laying process, free span evaluation, on-bottom stress calculations, prediction of buckling and expansion analysis.

Our clients like to describe SAGE Profile as an attractive tool that combines the powerful potential of a dynamic explicit finite element solver with an easy and straightforward interface to build the pipeline model and solve complex problems in very short time, compatible with industry demand for fast execution and delivery of results.

Key features

  • Pipeline route simulation and route optimiser
  • Dynamic explicit finite element engine
  • Seabed rectification module
  • Modelling of trenching and backfilling operations
  • Full 3D digital terrain models (DTMs)
  • Modelling of in-line subsea structures using advanced boundary conditions
  • Code and span checks according to recognised international standards (DNV, API, ISO)
  • Enhanced graphical interface enabling straightforward interpretation of complex pipeline problems
  • External forces including external and internal pressures, thermal effects, hydrodynamic loads, waves and currents and backfill cover
  • Powerful algorithms to handle non-linearities in pipe-soil interaction, large displacements, contact and touch-down/lift-off phenomena
  • Printout of input and output data in graphical or tabular form suitable for engineering proposal

SAGE Profile Preview