midas Civil 2019 V2.2 cracked license

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Integrated Solution
System for Bridge and
Civil Engineering

midas Civil is state of the art engineering software that set a new standard for the design or bridges and civil structures. It features a distinctively user friendly interface and optimal design solution functions that can account for construction stages and time dependent properties. Its highly developed modeling and analysis functions enable engineers to overcome common challenges and inefficiencies of finite element analysis. With midas Civil, you will be able to create high quality designs with unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

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  • Enhancements in midas Civil 2019 (v2.2)

    Civil 2019 (v2.2) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

    1. Material Database of Australia and New Zealand

    2. Precast Concrete Girder Section Database of Australia and New Zealand

    3. Tendon Template for Australian Precast Girders

    4. Tendon Template for New Zealand Precast Girders

    5. Fatigue Vehicle to AS 5100.2

    6. Load Combination to AS 5100.2: 2017 (Not available in Civil 2019 (v2.1))

    7. Prestressed Concrete Girder Design to As 5100: 2017 (Not available in Civil 2019 (v2.1))

    8. Serviceability Limit State Check for Plate Beam/Column Design to EN 1992-2

    9. Fatigue Load Combination for Steel Composite Girder Design to Eurocode

    10. Military Load Classes

    11. Steel Member Design to CSA-S6-14

    12. Reinforced Concrete Member Design to CSA-S6-14

    13. Plate Beam and Plate Column (1D) Checking to Russian SNiP and SP

    14. Steel Section Database Update to IS-12778:2004

    15. Steel Composite Design to IRC-22:2015

    16. Plate Beam and Plate Column (1D) Design to IRC 112:2011 Code