Geosoft 9.5 licensed software and cracked

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What’s New in Geosoft 9.5

A high-performance surface rendering engine delivers enhanced 3D surfaces, faster. New, simplified tools and workflows provide more control and flexibility. Time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) inversion has been added to VOXI Earth Modelling.


Release highlights


New for VOXI is time domain electromagnetics (TDEM) inversion method for modelling subsurface conductivity.

EM Utilities

New EM Utilities extension for Oasis montaj provides tools to view, clean and prepare time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) data before performing a TDEM inversion using VOXI Earth Modelling.

3D surface display

A new rendering engine and simplified interface delivers more visually appealing 3D surfaces, faster.

Geosurface utilities

Four new utilities for manipulating surfaces and controlling how they interact in 3D space.


New wireframing algorithm and simplified workflow to create subsurface geology models faster and easier.


A new workflow for GM-SYS 3D
enables you to edit layers interactively using the familiar editing tools in
GM-SYS Profile.

UXO Land

Accurately calculate the footprint coverage of your survey instrument.

UXO Marine

Quickly calculate and display the area covered by your survey.


New tools to quickly prepare a signature library, track QC results and pick targets.