ColorGATE Productionserver 10 PS10 Campaign Printing (+ all modules)

$ 180.00

The Productionserver (PS10) family is the most flexible RIP software that ensures excellent color management with optimum color rendering and consistent reproduction for all applications. Whether large and wide format printing, digital production according to such international standards as ISO, FOGRA, PSD, Gracol, G7 as well as for campaign printing, textile or for screen printing and print and cut – the PS10 Line-up offers the optimal RIP configuration for all types of digital print services. ColorGATE utilizes the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) in its basic solutions.

  • High-quality components
  • Optimal color reproduction
  • Consistency of reproduction at any time
  • Maximum productivity
  • Intuitive control concept and user interface


ColorGATE Productionserver Image Video

PS10 Flex-Line
Flexible RIP software designed to meet individual requirements and highest demands for quality

      Productionserver provides access to implement highly efficient, digital print & proofing workflows by its modular and flexible design. Excellent Color Management for optimal
    color reproduction with neutral grey tones, natural skin tones and brilliant colors are based on the unique recalibration technique: Media Device Synchronization (MDS). Furthermore,Productionserver is capable of standard compliant production according to international standards, such as ISO 12647, G7 and ProcessStandard Digital (PSD).

  • Easy, flexible configuration thanks to Output Management Sets (OMS) respectively to the requirements: number of printers, printer driver category
  • The latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) is a permanent feature of every basic product
  • Ink Saver Technology – Less Ink Same Quality. With Ink Saver Module – the total amount of ink can be reduced by up to 30 percent without a visible loss of quality, which also means a reduction of the total printing costs.
  • In combination with a Value Pack additional products can be purchased with a discount

PS Manufacturer Editions – optimized for your printer

PS Manufacturer Editions are geared exactly to the printer drivers of the specific manufacturer for versatile large and wide format printing applications.

  • Versatile functions and modules at an outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Excellent color management with optimal color reproduction
  • Modular expandable at any time to meet new needs
  • NEW: Print and Cut Module (PCM) incl.

PS Special Editions for special applications

The PS Special Editions include several comprehensive software solutions for special applications such as toner-based color printing, flexo packaging as well as industrial inkjet printing. Each Special Edition contains the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) and at least one Output Management Set (OMS) with a printer driver required for the application is already included. The Special Editions can be extended modularly at any time.