CGG InsightEarth 3.7 cracked release

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Complement existing E&P workflows with leading-edge interpretation tools, such as 3D visualization, interpretation and volume processing.

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Why Choose

Get immense interpretation power without straining your bandwidth or your IT budget. InsightEarth® lets you generate workflows in minutes that would take days on other packages. Geoscientists can comfortably finalize a comprehensive interpretation and quickly see the true paleo-depositional environment for the most astute and accurate drilling recommendations.

  • Patented fault, salt/sediment and stratal domain functionalities streamline the visualization of features, targets and prospects
  • Much faster workflows (post-stack to prospect) enable you to quickly re-work legacy data sets for missed opportunities
  • Easy-to-learn, simple-to-use software allows you to quickly generate powerful outcomes
  • InsightEarth operates in concert with any seismic interpretation system, so you can leverage your current software investment


Leverage advanced technology for 3D seismic interpretation with data management that includes data I/O, data transfer, workflow definition, workflow and process control, and interaction modes. InsightEarth Ignition provides viewers and the processing platform for the full range of InsightEarth interpretation workflows. It enables geoscientists to condition seismic data for subsequent processing and optimize volumes for interpretation. Manual interpretation of horizons and faults become far easier and more accurate when made using Ignition’s customizable tools.

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Take advantage of the automated fault and fracture interpretation technology within a single, unified offering, FaultFractureSpark, with workflows that solve needs for all types of faulting. Extract fractured regions with simplicity and compare them with through-going faults for the best geological understanding of the subsurface possible.

The choice to extract faults or fractures remains where it has always been – in the interpreter’s hands. New workflows are continuously added to speed the understanding of a reservoir, ensuring the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

Benefits of FaultFractureSpark:

  • Consistent detailed fault imaging across a wide range of geologic environments, in both time and depth volumes, regardless of seismic data quality
  • Complete fault interpretation functionality, from traditional picking to fully automatic fault extraction
  • Countless tedious mouse clicks required in other packages are replaced with single-pass accuracy to guide smarter drilling decisions

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PaleoSpark’s patented technology delivers the most desired outcome in stratigraphic interpretation – a volumetric representation of the paleo-depositional environment. This solution removes the effects of the selected structure to smooth the way to a complete interpretation. See channels and other stratigraphic features as they were originally deposited. Since this is not a 3D Wheeler Transformation, the interpreter defines the structure to be removed, leaving the prograding fans in place if that is the desired target.

Benefits of PaleoSpark:

  • Geoscientists can now visualize, interpret and analyze seismic data in its paleo-depositional setting, unaffected by structural deformation and faulting
  • PaleoSpark handles differential sedimentation, differential compaction, unconformities, salt bodies, canyons, carbonate platforms, and can remove 3D fault displacements
  • Surface Wrapping captures depositional system boundaries, which are then inverse-transformed and merged with the structural interpretation
  • Highly accurate mapping of the sweet spots in shale formations helps guide efficient drilling in unconventional plays

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SaltSpark™ is an innovative solution that quickly and accurately brings the most complicated structures into clear definition. A closed 3D geobody can be created even in the most poorly imaged areas for use in velocity modeling, saving exports to another modeling package. Easily separating the geobody from the hydrocarbon deposit enables highly informed drilling recommendations.

SaltSpark correctly defines salt bodies, no matter how complex or unusual they may be. The salt is clearly identified to illuminate potential reservoirs. A simple workflow clearly defines formation boundaries. Iterative migrations can thus be run much more quickly to deliver superior imaging results.

Benefits of SaltSpark:

  • Automated processes quickly identify the boundaries of domes, pillows, massifs, and other complex bodies with great precision
  • Advanced Trim and Seal rapidly creates a “no light leaks” interpretation for use in geo-modeling or velocity model building
  • The interpreter can choose from any number of attributes to provide stopping conditions to define boundaries of the geobody, thus eliminating line-by-line interpretation

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InsightEarth WellPath shows the real world in 3D, essential for optimal well planning in unconventional, fractured, and offshore development platform reservoirs. Now you can quickly plan and QC horizontal wells on high-density, multi-lateral pads and confidently deliver plans that drillers can actually drill.

Plan all wells from a single pad or platform, all at once, always in 3D while adhering to both geoscience targets and engineering design constraints. WellPath lets you view anti-collision results of all planned wells to avoid hazards, legacy wells, and recent completions. Stay on top of your rig schedules by dramatically reducing planning cycle time from several weeks to a single morning.

Benefits of WellPath:

  • Integrate all available geological and geophysical data and interpretations, locations and paths of planned and existing wells, and cultural data
  • Guide the well path, test multiple targets in 3D, and finalize completion design – all within a unified software solution
  • Quickly plan and QC horizontal wells on high-density, multi-lateral pads or large offshore platforms
  • Reduce planning cycle time with a more efficient workflow
  • Quickly perform accurate anti-collision calculations and generate reports for all wells/scenarios
  • Assimilate all stakeholders into a unified team

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