Metalix cncKad V20, MBend V12, MRobot V12, MTube V22 cracked licenses

$ 200.00

After extensive field testing at over 300 of our customers all over the world, cncKad V20, MBend V12MRobot V12 and MTube V22 are officially released.
Packed with over 200 new features and support for the latest machine models and technology in Sheet Metal Fabrication, these new versions are sure to boost your productivity and optimize you material usage.

Metalix software products provide a complete, comprehensive CAD/CAM solution, which is friendly and easy to use.


Using Metalix products, you can import 3D or 2D files, nest your parts with amazing yields, process them for cutting, punching, and bending, generate and simulate NC code graphically, and calculate costs. Additional modules are available for processing tubes and for tracking jobs.

As numerous users around the globe can testify, when you use Metalix products, your production time and material waste will decrease and your productivity will increase.

Metalix software supports the production life cycle:

  • Importing all standard formats of 2D and 3D designs
  • Employing a diverse range of processing technologies for sheet metal products
  • Generating NC code for almost all machines in the market

Metalix software is easy to learn, is simple to use, and speaks over twenty languages.

Metalix software has a reputation for excellence. Driven by thorough understanding of technology constraints, Metalix solutions optimize material usage and production time.

Metalix maintains its status as a market leader by adjusting its products to the latest advancements in the field of sheet metal processing.

Metalix is in continuous contact with local and international end users, responding rapidly to client feedback by developing custom solutions as required.

Some of the highlights

  • cncKad/AutoNest V20 – A lot of new features including QR code marking with Fly Cut, automatic setting technology parameters to defaults when switching machine, modifying Lead-in parameters by two clicks, adding a modified part to the order, hole CAM editing, highlighting process groups with multi-color, nesting priority for frame group, changing process group order, corner slitting, creating CAM Layers for all/selected machines, making C-type common cuts, converting a remnant to DXF. Many other features were enhanced, such as post-processor options, generate NC for SubNests, drilling tools order and common cuts feature.
  • Bevel –V20 features big advance in our bevel support both for plate and tube.
  • cncKad/AutoNest Tube V20 – Our tube package is also greatly improved with support for I-beam, common-cuts for L and U profiles.
  • JobTrack – Now all the host applications registered in the database are displayed in the dedicated view. Enhanced features include product import and product creation from CAD Link, updated quote definition/management, including required sheets, Excel export, etc.
  • MBend V12 – New features include try auto-process with multi-preferred tools, collision tolerance for part penetration, advanced options for batch processing, preferred hemming tools per thickness, process parts with window shaped tools, snap finger to flange corner, support for Durma SKY22, Ermaksan ErTouch, and STEP controls, support for SQL-based data sharing.
  • MRobot V12 – Enhanced support for joints configurations, modifiable regrip-station sticks, enhanced manipulation of parts on the in-pallet, on the orientation table and on the out-pallet, enhanced extraction/insertion of parts out of/into the machine, enhanced performance of the automatic gripping algorithm, support for ABB and Mitsubishi robots.
  • MTube V22 – New support for planar penetration and I-Beam profile, support for tube bevel.