MazaCAM CAD/CAM and Editor – Matrix Edition Version 4.6

$ 160.00

What is MazaCAM™?

As a Mazak user or owner, have you ever wanted to:

  • Program Mazatrol programs on your PC or laptop, in the comfort of your own office, and without interrupting running machines?
  • Save your valuable programs by storing them onto your PCs hard drive, and retrieve them for later use?
  • Communicate with your Mazaks from your PC (upload and download your programs)?
  • Program a part once, and then output it to both Mazatrol and G-code post-processed for any other machine (e.g. Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak EIA, Okuma)?
  • Take CAD files (for example DXF or IGES) from customers or engineering and use them to assign the tooling and go directly to Mazatrol or G-Code?
  • Create CAD drawings from scratch, or edit existing CAD files and go to Mazatrol or G-code?
  • Print out Mazatrol programs?
  • Covert Mazatrol to G-code for any other control (e.g. Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak EIA, Okuma, etc.)?
  • Use only one CAD/CAM system for all your CNCs, Mazak or non-Mazak?
  • Use a graphical programming method to program your parts, so that all your trig calculations are automatically done for you.


MazaCAM converting from an older Mazak to a newer MazakSolutionWare Corporation, the developer of MazaCAM, a breakthrough technology for Mazak shops using the Mazatrol language has released MazaCAM CAD/CAM and Editor – Matrix Edition Version 4.6. This latest edition of MazaCAM includes various major enhancements to help Mazak shops program their machines or convert programs from one machine to another.

Enhancements to address previously unsolvable problems:
One of many enhancements which have had no solution in the past is the ability to take a 3D Mazatrol program and convert it to another Mazak control. With this new feature, re-writing 3D Mazatrol programs by hand to another control is no longer an issue thus reducing programming time and cost.

MazaCAM CAD/CAM going from G-code to MazatrolConverting to Matrix from Legacy controls:
With the increasing cost of programming and reprogramming parts that are already proven on other machines, Mazak shops are continually looking for new solutions to improve productivity and delivery time. And while most Mazak controls can up-convert the immediately prior generation or two, the task when converting to Matrix is far more extensive than any previous generation, and many aspects are tricky to handle.

While anyone can get there by hand-copying the program and entering it into the new Matrix control, this is a tedious and error-prone method. MazaCAM is breakthrough technology that transforms the legacy Mazatrol programs to the new Matrix controls, enabling the shop to be up and running in a minimum time.

Part being cut by the IntegrexThe e-Machine and the Integrex:
Many customers who buy the e-Machine (which is milling-based) also have an earlier Integrex (which is turning-based). MazaCAM converts between these entirely differently-based control families. There are literally hundreds of tricky nuances that are handed in this extensive advanced conversion.  MazaCAM handles Mazatrol programs from all earlier generations of Integrex: T3, T32, T-Plus, Fusion640MT, and Fusion-MT-Pro.