Production Designer (full cracked software)

$ 160.00

3D CAD Unfold

Production Designer allows the user to import 3D solid models from various other 3D packages and automatically creates an unfold drawing that can be processed through all Amada blanking and bending software.

2D and 3D CAD data can be processed into an unfold with accurate bend information quickly and easily. Assemblies can be opened and each part unfolded. Special shapes and forms can be recognised and output for automatic assignment by Dr ABE Blank.

  • 3D import, unfold and feature recognition
  • Auto-solid 2D to 3D CAD option


Benefits :

Part Import & Unfold
  • 3D CAD data import and unfold
  • Automatic 3D model creation from 2D CAD
  • CAD layer management
  • Special hole and forming recognition
  • 3D assembly management
  • Multiple 3D file formats support
Data Management
  • Collision check and correction
  • Material, forming and special punch tool management
  • Amada digital database (SDD) integration
  • 2D and 3D data export utilising universal file formats

Features :

  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Supports data files from SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Pro-Engineering, CATIA, XT, IGES, STP, ACIS. NX DWG, DXF and other major file formats, including legacy versions
  • Fast 3D model unfold function
  • Powerful 3D engine
  • Design and production trees for easy navigation
  • Hole pattern recognition
  • Form tool recognition
  • Auto-solid function (2D to 3D CAD)
  • 2D quick scale option
  • 2D drawings clean up
  • CAD layer management
  • Customisable bend data tables
  • Material management
  • Collision check and correction
  • Smart corner function
  • Bend feasibility check facility