CadnaA 2023 MR2 cracked release

$ 180.00

noise prediction software

Environmental noise

CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. Applications range from industrial sites, road and railway networks, airports or even entire towns and urbanized areas.



The following video shows a selection of the most relevant new features included in the CadnaA 2023 release:

  • 64-bit program version now available for all existing customers.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes to the PlotDesigner for easy creation of plans
  • Multiselection of objects for significant improvements in ease of use and efficiency
  • Increased project size without Option L (2000 instead of 1000 buildings/screens) as well as for Modular light (number of available sources is doubled).
  • New import option for CityGML to convert LoD2 building data to LoD1 (sloped roof to flat roof).

New CadnaA CL Products available!

CadnaA is now available with Cloud Licensing (CL). Choose one of our new CadnaA CL products and run the software without Hardware USB dongle! You can also use Cloud Licenses in virtual environments like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Watch the video to know more about CadnaA CL!

  • Fixed license products which can be extended by options.
  • License access via internet
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Support of virtual environments like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure
  • Latest software version included
  • Hotline and support included

CadnaA features

CadnaA is considered the most powerful and easy to use noise calculation and noise mapping software available worldwide. Every single feature has been designed only to ensure that you can handle your projects in the most convenient and efficient way. Due to its feature richness it would be extremely difficult to list them all here. We have comprised the most relevant ones in the following sections:

Project size and speed


CadnaA can handle projects of any size. Learn more about the technology used to manage and calculate noise maps from a big city and even an entire country!




CadnaA offers a huge variety of import formats. On top of that CadnaA can be integrated into GIS systems and even connected to Noise Monitor Systems.


Handling and modelling


CadnaA takes advantage of its “one piece of software – one file per project” concept. It also offers numerous tools to set up your calculation model with only a few mouse clicks.


Analysis and postprocessing


Several features and capabilities for the analysis and further processing of calculation results make CadnaA one of the most flexible noise calculation programs on the market.


Presentation and export of results


In CadnaA, all result display and output possibilities are easy to handle and provide results in a convenient and reliable way.