AxSTREAM 3.9.13 full cracked software suite

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The AxSTREAM software platform for multidisciplinary design, analysis and optimization provides an integrated and streamlined approach to turbomachinery design. This best-in-class software solution encompasses the complete process for radial, axial and mixed flow turbomachinery design. This includes gas and steam turbines, compressors, blowers, pumps, fans, rotors, bearings, secondary flows, and cooling.


SoftInWay, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated addition to the AxSTREAM Platform, AxSTREAM System Simulation. This release marks the next step in a move towards complete integration of complex technology as AxSTREAM System Simulation breaks down interface gaps and related challenges that often arise when performing 0D-1D system design, modeling, and optimization across different tools and team members.

Born out of the union of SoftInWay’s legacy AxCYCLE (thermodynamic design) and AxSTREAM NET (fluid system modeling) software, AxSTREAM System Simulation has 3 core functions:

  • Design, model, and explore new energy conversion and auxiliary systems
  • Evaluate different cycle architectures and analyze the performance of off-the-shelf products
  • Optimize existing equipment (including engines and power plants) accounting for all affected technologies in one interface

AxSTREAM System Simulation empowers its users to perform digital prototyping of turbomachinery, energy conversion, and propulsion systems through individual or coupled 0D-1D system modeling. Through the software’s customized scripting capabilities, vast library of embedded compressible and incompressible fluids, and ability to perform both steady-state and transient calculations, the extent and associated costs of physical testing can be reduced without compromising equipment quality.

When asked to comment on the release, SoftInWay’s CEO Leonid Moroz had this to say. “After speaking with a number of clients about what would improve their engineering toolchain, the feedback was clear. The industry needs a reliable and integrated way to design, view, and analyze entire systems. In reality, these complex systems and their components do not operate independently.  What we often see is different departments working on different functions of the same system which leads to informational, technological, and compatibility bottlenecks. In addition, we are also seeing an unprecedented rise in innovative technology such as fuel cells, supersonics, and hydrogen propulsion. As this technology evolves, so must the engineering tools used to develop it. Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure our customers have access to the full picture with a few clicks of a mouse and that is the direction we see this product, and the larger AxSTREAM platform headed towards. We’re very excited about this first release and are looking forward to building on it with future releases.”

AxSTREAM System Simulation can be utilized to perform coupled 0D-1D modeling of thermodynamic and fluid systems in a wide variety of applications, including propulsion, HVAC, refrigeration, power generation, hydrogen, and fuel cell technology as well as related auxiliary systems. AxSTREAM System Simulation is the latest capability added inside the AxSTREAM Platform for complete design of turbomachinery components and systems.

AxSTREAM Software Suite – Turbomachinery Design

SoftInWay already provides over 500 global clients with the turbomachinery software and services needed to make their projects a success. Each module seamlessly integrates with one another so you can use AxSTREAM as your one stop shop or to assist you with a specific part of your design. AxSTREAM’s capabilities and features include:

  • Preliminary Design for single-stage, multi-stage and multi-module turbomachines.
  • Meanline/Streamline Analysis allows users to check the performance, velocity triangles, leakages, etc. of a machine for any set of boundary conditions as well as review the streamwise and spanwise distribution of thermodynamic, kinematic and loss parameters.
  • AxMAP for performance mapping of operational conditions and geometric variations for a given design.
  • AxPLAN of various design tasks, utilizing fast design of experiment (DoE) study methods.
  • Profiling and 3D Blade Design to create and edit 3D airfoils via various geometric features and interactive charts for plane sections profiling and 3D blade stacking.
  • AxCFD for the calculation of 2D and 3D analysis in blade-to-blade channels.
  • AxSTRESS for rapid 3D finite element analysis on blades and attachments.
  • AxSLICE used for reverse engineering to extract the profile geometry of 3D blade models to analyze existing machines in the AxSTREAM software platform
  • Bearing Calculation and Analysis to determine the hydrodynamic performance and mechanical characteristics of journal (radial load and axial thrust), aero, squeeze film dampers and rolling element bearings as well as annular seals.
  • RotorDynamics used to calculate rotor trains natural frequencies (including modes shape), unbalance response and conclude on stability for both lateral and torsional analyses while accounting for accurate bearing and support characteristics.
AxSTREAM ION Software – Co-Simulation Environment
  • AxSTREAM ION for process automation, artificial intelligence, digital twin generation, and multidisciplinary optimization
AxSTREAM System Simulation  Software – Streamline System Performance
  • AxSTREAM System Simulation for thermodynamic cycle and fluid system design, modeling, and optimization in energy, propulsion, and turbomachinery technology
Software Bundles
  • AxSTREAM.SPACE – Liquid propulsion system development

Legacy Software

Legacy AxCYCLE Software – Thermodynamic Simulation 

In addition to AxSTREAM, SoftInWay provides AxCYCLE for thermodynamic simulation and heat balance calculations of heat production and energy conversion cycles. Capabilities and features include:

  • AxCYCLE for thermodynamic cycle simulation including fossil and nuclear steam power plants, cooled and uncooled gas turbine plants, oxy-combustion, aerospace gas turbines engines, combined, cogeneration, sCO2 (supercritical carbon dioxide), ORC, geothermal, binary, molten salt, waste heat recovery and heat pumps /refrigeration cycles.
  • AxCYCLE Economics for cost estimation, selection of power generation technology and process scheme, fuel type selection, comparison of different scenarios and projects, and lifecycle economics.
Legacy AxSTREAM NET Software – 1D System Modeling and Simulation
  • AxSTREAM NET for thermal-fluid system modeling and analysis

Siemens CAE Software

SoftInWay is now a Siemens Channel Partner for the turbomachinery industry providing Star CCM+ for multiphysics CFD, NX CAD, and Simcenter 3D for structural CAE.

  • STAR-CCM+ – Multiphysics CFD
  • Simcenter 3D – Structural CAE
  • NX and Solid Edge – CAD