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About UltraSeps Version 3

Welcome to UltraSeps Version 3, the most powerful, accurate and feature rich color separation solution available to screen printers!
UltraSeps v3, is the fifth generation of our original product, QuikSeps released in 1999 and is the successor to UltraSeps v2, our previous high-end color separation program released in 2012.
UltraSeps Version 3 primarily adds increased simplicity, speed, error reduction technology and the ability to install to all of your systems as no additional charge.
UltraSeps is developed by Steve Roginski, a screen print industry veteran of over 30 years and avid Photoshop user since the first commercial version was available in 1990.
Every form of color separation required by the t-shirt screen printing industry is available using UltraSeps. Basically, if UltraSeps doesn’t provide it, you’ll most likely never need it!
UltraSeps v3 is extremely easy to use. The program does an excellent job of insulating end users from the complexities of Photoshop. Only a modest learning curve is required and even Photoshop novices will be able to generate high quality separations during the very first day of use.
Please take the time to explore the user guide. Although containing many pages as UltraSeps includes an immense number of features, its heavily illustrated and therefore won’t take a great deal of time or effort to read.
The user guide was primarily written on a Windows computer using Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the vast majority of screen shots.
This version of the user guide is the 2018 edition.
Changes and corrections are throughout although the major change is no longer needing to submit a Request Number to us to unlock UltraSeps on your systems.
Updated and clarified information on printing separations to film is sovered as well. We assume all information within to remain valid for at least a decade from publication date. If a major change occurs with new versions of Photoshop as released, they will be addressed on our website.
Enjoy UltraSeps Version 3!
Changes That May Not Be Obvious At First Glance
UltraSeps v3 features updated plugins, JavaScript’s and Actions to ac-
commodate future changes to operating systems, Photoshop and system
Version 3 also runs considerably faster and is virtually immune to any
type of issue or error. In fact, it also includes a function to run that
checks if all in installed correctly.
Due to these updates and the removal of the driver software distributed
with UltraSeps previously, UltraSeps Version 3 should cover your color
separation needs for the next decade or more and have zero issues with
yet to be released versions of Photoshop, Windows, Mac OS, and also be
compatible with the new (non-Intel) CPU Apple is switching to in 2020.
Major Changes
The upgrade not only features new plugins, scripts and actions, but we
have also eliminated the Request Number – Unlock Code scheme with
Version 3. So what does this mean? Well, once installed it will simply
run on your system!
Want to install it to your other systems and laptop for example? No
problem! Just run the installer, launch Photoshop, load the Actions and
you’re all set to go!
No hassle! Not possible to get locked out of the software! Easily install
at any time if needed to a new system!
All we ask is to please not redistribute, share or give away the
This does not infer that a single copy should be shared by count-
less users! If more than a few users are to access UltraSeps at
your shop, please play fair and purchase a copy for each additional
user or at the very minimum, pair of users for those with large art
department staffs. Years have gone into developing UltraSeps and
believe me, putting something together such as this isn’t easy!
Improvements, Changes and Additions When
Compared To UltraSeps v2:
UltraSeps v3 will simplify using UltraSeps when getting a new system,
swapping hard disks, migrating to different systems, etc. It also protects
you in the very unlikely event of something catastrophic happening to all
here involved with UltraSeps as we never want our users locked out of
the program.
Both Windows and Macintosh installers are included. Running the in-
staller will install an authorized copy of UltraSeps v3 to your system. It
will also overwrite a previous installation (if applicable) which is advisable
to do as any future licensing issues will be avoided.
If you have installed UltraSeps previously, such as the trial version,
following purchase just download and install the new version. The in-
staller will overwrite the existing copy of UltraSeps v2 or the trial version
with UltraSeps v3.
Version 3 also includes a new set of Actions. These Actions are similar to
the Version 2 Actions with changes to reflect the change in licensing.
The Actions also include a function to test if UltraSeps v3 has been in-
stalled correctly. If forgetting to use the new Actions, UltraSeps v3 will
still run with the older set of Version 2 Actions.
The installers as of the publication date of this user guide support
Photoshop versions up to Photoshop Creative Cloud 2019 with the earli-
est supported version of CS3 (CS2 on Windows also supported).
Following Photoshop CC 2019, if a newer version of Photoshop is down-
loaded and installed (CC 2020, CC 2021, 2022, etc.), this user guide
covers how to manually install UltraSeps v3 to versions of Photoshop not
yet known.
A separate installation PDF is also included for easy reference although
complete installation guidelines can be found within this user guide.