STEAG EBSILON 12 Professional cracked version

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EBSILON Professional is a system that simulates thermodynamic cycle processes and is used for engineering, designing, and optimizing plants.

Precise planning is a key factor for succesful design or modification of energy and power plant systems. At an early stage in the project, it is necessary to determine whether and how the performance requirements can be achieved.

EBSILON Professional supports your engineering processes—from feasibility studies through to detailed dimensioning of the plant.

Because of the broad flexibility of the system and the universality of the approach to solutions, it is possible to simulate virtually any thermodynamic cycle process.

  • Maximize the benefits of repowering and retrofitting actions by letting the EBSILON Professional model do the simulation.
  • Design a performance-optimized plant for your application scenario by introducing the specific parameters into the model.
  • Calculate the effects of component contamination, various load cases, and changes in environmental conditions.
  • Simulate the operation of newly developed components in a cycle.


STEAG Energy Services GmbH System Technologies

EBSILON Professional GUI

EBSILON Professional‘s windows-based GUI, is extremely intuitive and easy to individualize. To map the topology of the plant, you arrange the components of the cycle by drag-and-drop and connect them with logic and material lines.

  • Create tabs to work on several models at the same time
  • Use tools for selecting, zooming, and manipulating components, such as resize, rotate, and mirror
  • Define macros
  • Individualize the components’ display and structure
  • Define shortcuts
  • Use graphical elements to improve the clarity of the circuit
  • Get a localized version in German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese

Calculation module & algorithm

EBSILON Professional has a highly efficient calculation module that allows complex applications to be simulated in detail, such as a city’s district heating system. The extraordinary speed and convergence reliability of the algorithm ensure correct calculation of the cycle in a stationary state. Convergence and controller diagrams, combined with statistical parameters, help quantify and improve convergence behavior.

  • Simulate a model with 1,100 components and 1,400 lines in 2.5 seconds
  • Use extensive convergence analysis tools
  • Optimize convergence behavior
  • Used successfully and developed continuously for 20 years

Component library in EBSILON Professional

The component library of EBSILON Professional contains physical components, such as

  • pumps, turbines, and heat exchangers

as well as logic components, like

  • controllers, signal transducers, and calculation modules.

The components can be adapted to match actual components with parameters and performance characteristics. You can also define your own components.

The components library is continuously maintained and extended in cooperation with research institutes such as Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and industrial partners such as VTU Energy GmbH. Together, we ensure that you will be able to model the latest technical processes in EBSILON®Professional.

Material library in EBSILON Professional

The material library contains typical working fluids used in power plants. You can also define your own specific fluids by their chemical composition. Like the components, fuels are set in the plant model. For coal, a detailed database containing chemical composition and calorific values differentiated according to production location is integrated in EBSILON Professional.

Working fluids:

  • Water and steam
  • REFPROP library (NIST): 90 fluids from acetone to xenon
  • Moist air
  • Saltwater
  • Thermal oils and molten salts
  • Ideal and real gases
  • Two-phase fluids
  • User-defined fluids

Display of results and analysis

EBSILON Professional includes different ways to display the results of your simulations. These range from fields for mapping results in the model interface to data export into MS Excel sheets, where the data can be analyzed immediately. Various diagrams help to interpret the simulation results.

Ways in which results can be displayed: 

  • value crosses, text, and alarm fields in the circuit
  • export of value tables to MS Excel
  • model output in HTML syntax with EbsHTML
  • state diagrams: Q,s; T,s; p,h; H,xi
  • convergence and controller diagrams
  • user-defined diagrams in MS Excel

Error Analysis and Online User Help

With a large number of interfaces, the object-oriented software architecture of EBSILON Professional allows simple integration into existing software infrastructures and enhancement with individual programs.

DLL Interface

With Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), it is possible to share data between other programs and EBSILON Professional and to expand the calculation module by individual component calculations. The material libraries can be accessed at all times. Among other features, the DLL interface allows user-specific components to be programmed.

MS Excel Interface

Simulation results, parameters, and characteristics of individual components and lines can be exported to MS Excel for further processing. Conversely parameters and characteristics of components can also be imported into the plant model.
With the MS Excel add-on for EBSILON Professional it is possible to carry out simulations directly from an MS Excel worksheet and display the results.

OLE Interface EbsOpen

The COM-Interface EbsOpen can be integrated into all conventional automation and programming environments, such as Visual for direct programming with Visual Basic or C++ or the VBA environment of MS Office products.

Error Analysis and Online User Help

Intelligent error analysis

Modeling errors in the simulation are localized by the integrated error analysis; you are informed about what caused the error and are then guided through the circuit until all errors have been eliminated.

Online help

The online help function provides extensive information on the functionality of EBSILON Professional and the add-on modules. The general structure of the system and technical details of modeling are explained descriptively. For components, the structure and physical mode of operation are described and examples of circuits are provided.

Add-On Modules for EBSILON Professional:


Detailed dimensioning of boilers with the components from EbsBoiler.

EbsBoiler contains the components

  • flue gas zone
  • main and
  • secondary heating surface
  • reaction zone

for detailed modeling of boiler geometry. With the EbsBoiler components you map the boiler very close to reality, model specific boiler types, and determine the contamination level of individual heating surfaces.


Detailed dimensioning of a solar field with the components of EbsSolar.

Solar energy, the technology of the future, is a focus of the further development of EBSILON®Professional. EbsSolar allows detailed dimensioning of a solar field with the components.

  • Solar collector (parabolic trough or linear Fresnel type)
  • Distributing header
  • Collecting header

Solar and environmental data is specified for power plant sites on the basis of meteorological data. The substance library of EBSILON Professional is equipped with the heat transfer media that are typical for solar applications, such as thermal oil, liquid salt and water/steam.

Applications for EbsSolar:

  • site and technology comparisons
  • detailed thermodynamic design and simulation of a solar field
  • annual yield calculation for the complete system, including thermal storage


Gas turbine library with manufacturer-specific performance data

The OEM-GTLib for EBSILON Professional, which was developed and is marketed in cooperation with VTU Energy GmbH, includes many different gas turbine models from well-known manufacturers, such as

  • Alstom
  • General Electric
  • Rolls Royce
  • MAN
  • Solar Turbines
  • Hitachi
  • Centrax

The models are adapted to the actual performance behavior and are created in cooperation with the manufacturers. With this data, you can choose the optimum gas turbines for your power plant.


Solving optimization problems in the EBSILON Professional model.

EbsOptimize optimizes a target value by varying several affecting factors. In this way the often time-consuming search for  the plant’s optimum performance parameters is automated.
Optimize your plant’s efficiency or fuel consumption while keeping all the technical parameters constant.

  • The target dimensions and impacting parameters can be freely formulated
  • Genetic algorithm
  • Available as an EbsScript function


Determine the statistically most likely plant status with redundant measured values

In an actual power plant, you often have a large number of measuring points, which, however, have some specific measurement errors. EbsValidate uses statistical methods to improve the measurements in order to satisfy all components’ equations and to minimize the error sum of squares. The result is the statistically most likely plant status.
As opposed to simulation, EbsValidate uses redundant measurement data to achieve a high level of statistical reliability. Apart from quick validation, validation according to VDI 2048 is also available.

Offline validation with EbsValidate is suitable for

  • acceptance tests and
  • for identifying malfunctions in the measuring system and the components


EBSILON Professional in HTML format

EbsHTML allows circuits and simulation results to be output in HTML format. The simulation results for components and lines are displayed when you mouse over them. You can then choose which results of the cycle you want to display. You can switch between different load cases and also open macros.

The model in HTML format can be displayed in all common browsers and is suitable for presentations to customers and other interested parties who don’t have an EBSILON Professional license.


PASCAL-based script language fully integrated in EBSILON Professional.

EbsScript allows the automation of all processes in EBSILON Professional, such as the implementation case studies and optimizations. It is also possible to program individual components. EbsScript includes full access to all data associated with the circuit, external text and MS Excel files, as well as the other interfaces of EBSILON Professional.

EbsScript includes

  • easy-to-use editor with browser-supported input
  • full access to all calculation parameters, specification values, and results of components and lines
  • compile with syntax check
  • script administration
  • console window for sequences and output control
  • kernel scripting, EbsScript programmable component


Extensive OLE-COM class library

EbsOpen can be integrated into all conventional automation and programming environments, such as Visual for direct programming with Visual Basic or C++ or the VBA environment of MS Office products.

EbsOpen has more than 200 classes, which contain more than 3,500 methods and properties offering access to all application, model, and component data. This makes EbsOpen a powerful tool that can be used to implement any power plant operations, from simulation, validation, what-if calculations to parameter studies and automated recalculation.