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PTW version V9.0 is now available!

PTW is a market-leading power systems analysis software package developed by SKM Systems Analysis Inc.
CEE is the official distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland and can offer sales, software rental, over-the-phone support and training.
CEE can also perform systems studies of your network on your behalf, or verify a PTW model you have created.


Power System Modelling

Power system modelling graphic

As part of our support service for SKM’s Power*Tools for Windows (PTW), we can verify any power system models you have created in PTW. ¬†We can also offer advice on how to get the best results from your power systems studies and help you to explain any results which seem anomalous or inconsistent.

Past queries have included:

  • Arc energy calculations appear to show a much longer trip time than expected
  • Power systems earthed through earthing (zig-zag) transformers appear to show zero earth fault current on some parts of the network
  • Calculations will not converge / PTW cannot find the result to a simulation
  • The system uses protective devices which are not listed in the standard PTW devices library

If you have any technical problems with the PTW program itself, please refer to our FAQ section.

Additionally, CEE Relays can perform systems studies and produce reports on your behalf.  Possiblities include:

  • Creating a model of your system for you to perform your own studies
  • Protection studies to check coordination of your protective devices
  • Arc Flash studies to determine safe working distances and PPE required to work safely
  • Harmonic studies (particularly useful for system designs which are intended for exporting power to the UK electricity grid).

CEE can also use PTW models to answer more general questions:

  • How will my protective devices need to change if the utility fault level increases?
  • Does my existing insfrastructure have sufficient capacity to add a generator?
  • How many large motors can I run at the same time without overloading the network?