SEG Static Equipment Generator V5.07 cracked release

$ 170.00

SE CAD Solutions SEG offers advanced tool for the accurate and speedy production of 3D digital prototype and workshop drawings deliverables of pressure vessels, Towers, TEMA Heat exchange, Storage Tanks with fixed roof, spherical tanks, ducts, equipment piping and Slug catchers. Linked to Intergraph PV Elite Access file and Compress *.xml3d file, SEG delivers significant savings over existing 3D CAD modeling and drafting methods.


Save Your Money and Time

As a static equipment manufacturer, designer or Draftsman, You can save up to 80% from your time and money. SEG has helped reduce man hours and costs., No suffer any more to generate 3D models and workshop drawings, it is matter of minutes. SEG software makes modeling and detailing of the static equipment much easier, faster and accurate.

Easy to Select Between Different Configurations.

SEG supports a different configuration and layout of the shell, heads, support structure, nozzles, manways, and other internal as well as external features and appurtenances is facilitated through intuitive menus.

WE care about you

You can decrease your working load and increase your efficiency, quality and ability to engage in more projects in the same time. The only existing software can do all of this stuff of the fixed equipment under one umbrella. SEG delivers significant savings over existing 3D CAD modeling and drafting methods We care about your requirements and need, Software made by engineers for engineers.

Ease of Modeling

Fabrication details for shell courses, plate sizes, edge preparations, weld types, and other production details are quickly and easily specified. A complete vessel design can be configured and detailed in less than two hours including the automatic generation of drawings, bill of material, Material Cost Report, and all other reports.

Internal and External Appurtenances

SEG supports a wide range of appurtenance features and configurations Internal components including tray rings, baffles, Deflector, and other features. External components including lugs, clips, and vacuum rings. Opening closure, Manways, Agitator and Couplings. Nozzles with Tee, flanges, elbows, reinforcement pads, insert pads, and other attachments and configurations.

SEG supports different standards
• Flanges according to ASME B16.5
• Flanges according to ASME B16.47 A/B
• Flanges according to BSEN1092-1 2007.
• Gaskets.
• Valves.
• Couplings according to ANSI B16.11 AND BS3799.
• Fittings.
• Pipes.

Rapid Modeling and Detailing
Feature based environment enables the rapid configuration and detailing of static
equipment automating the generation of:
• 3D detailed geometry models
• Nozzle, Coupling, Pipe, Flange and fitting list.
• Nozzle and coupling openings.
• Sheet Metal flat pattern for all plates.
• Wide range for supports (Saddle, Skirt, Leg, Lug, Cradle etc.)
• Elevation, fabrication, and assembly drawings
• Production component lists, and purchased bill of material
• End cuts for nozzles and legs.
• Cost Report