Proya COMOSYS 2024 cracked release

$ 190.00

Why was COMOSYS developed?

  • Disruptive BIM Technology for all civil engineers.
  • Exponentially faster compared to existing solutions, a visionary system that is “At least twice as fast as existing solutions… if not more”.
  • A Fully-integrated platform to provide a single model for FEA, Design Optimisation, and Detailing of Structures to avoid loss of data when the models are exchanged between FEA software and Detailing software. Design ➜ Detailing ➜Drawing Production
  • Extremely Intuitive features like InteliConnect, IntliClone, Inteliclash, and AutoAdjust are first-of-their-kind features in the steel detailing industry. These productivity features were designed keeping in mind the years of first-hand pain many engineers go through while using the existing manual solutions.
  • Affordability – To make the finest solution in the industry affordable.


Model any Structure You Can Imagine

With COMOSYS, you are not limited to structures that fit a certain template. Whether you are in the housing business or you design industrial plants, complicated plate work, skyscrapers, or even bridges, you will be pleasantly surprised that COMOSYS never lags behind and is always there to provide the necessary framework needed to facilitate your work. You can even develop your own specialized macros or ask us to do it for you, giving you the edge over all your competitors.

Structural Analysis

COMOSYS is a general purpose structural analysis, design, and detailing software that integrates modeling, analysis and design, detailing, and drafting phases in a single environment. All kinds of structures with arbitrary complexity can be modeled using advanced modeling capabilities of COMOSYS. A powerful finite element engine working behind the scenes ensures exact results while structural steel members can be designed according to American, European and Turkish codes.


Scenario based design, deflections checks, design evaluation, intelligent design load combinations… These are a few of the many unique features COMOSYS provides. Click to read more…

Steel Detailer

COMOSYS Steel Detailer is a general purpose modeling software for steel structures. COMOSYS Steel Detailer allows you to model structures ranging from roof trusses to most complex industrial structures, from silos to power plants, pipe racks to multi-storey buildings down to the tiniest details in 3D. Shop and part drawings, material take off tables are generated automatically by the COMOSYS.


Using advanced steel connection commands and extensive connection library, a few mouse clicks is what it takes to connect steel members in COMOSYS. All a user needs to do is to run appropriate connection command and select members to be connected. Even this “simple and quick” procedure; however, takes considerable amount of time when it is to be repeated for large number of joints. A medium sized building has more than a hundred “typical” joints each of which corresponds to several identical ones, amounting to thousands of joints that need to be connected. In large structures number of typical joints might be well over a thousand. COMOSYS provides a solution that automates this repetitive procedure: IntelliConnect.


IntelliConnect is a revolutionary feature which whenever preferable offers drastic reduction in modeling time. With a few mouse clicks the user can select from a variety of typical templates and IntelliConnect applies those templates intelligently throughout the model while at the same time ensuring zero clashes, constructability and harmony throughout. However, many a times the particular project at hand may have requirements which are not within the scope of the standard templates offered by IntelliConnect. It is for such situations, that we developed a revolutionary feature based on artificial intelligence and extremely versatile joint configuration recognition algorithms.

Cloud Fusion

With COMOSYS 4.0 we are introducing our new “Cloud Fusion” technology. Large projects require large teams working on the same model. Cloud Fusion is our new revolutionary feature which allows members of a team to collaborate on a single model located on a central server. So if a particular project would normally take 2000 man hours, just assign ten people to it and reduce the modeling time to 200 hours.

Reinforced Concrete

Formwork and Rebar modeling is a unique challenge in itself. While steel modeling is complicated in its own right, the modeling of industrial plants in concrete with their non-building like geometries along with the placement of 3D rebar in these complex shapes requires a novel approach. Many programs claim to be successful but COMOSYS delivers the goods. Several state of the art technologies have gone into the preparation of these modules and we invite the user to spend a few minutes reading about them. Thoroughly integrated with the rest of COMOSYS these two modules will once again save you man hours and win you prestige with their beautiful drawings and detailed models.


COMOSYS allows you to model not only structural and mechanical components but also electrical installation components in 3D. Of course, as in other disciplines, here too the engineering drawings and material take-off lists of these electrical installation components are produced automatically.


COMOSYS Tank Design module is built on general purpose structure of COMOSYS but provides specialized commands for modeling of tanks. COMOSYS Tank Design module can increase the productivity of the user by a significant amount. You will find that the after setting up the system you will be able to detail tanks which normally took up to a week to detail in a matter of hours. These savings in man-hours translate into profits while also giving the user a lot of space to accommodate minor revisions.


COMOSYS comes with a very powerful stand alone drawing module. While COMOSYS automatically produces many types of drawings, it also provides tools that significantly reduce the amount of time necessary for the drawings that have to be produced manually. As a bonus of 3D modeling, material take-off tables are immediately ready and the user can create sections at any point or views from any point of view. In addition to this, for editing and revising drawings, no other general purpose CAD progam is required because COMOSYS provides all the tools necessary for editing 2D drawings.