ExpertGPS Pro 6.23 cracked license

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GIS Features in ExpertGPS Pro

ExpertGPS Pro combines GIS layering with seamless mapping and one-click data transfers to any Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS receiver. Now everyone in your organization can view, query, and edit GIS layers and shapefiles directly over maps and aerial imagery. Transfer your GIS data to any handheld GPS receiver and print maps with data overlays for use in the field. Quickly import field-checked waypoints and tracklogs and merge them back into your GIS layers.


Combine your GPS data with GIS layers over maps and orthophotos

Combine GPS data with GIS layers over seamless orthophotos in ExpertGPS Pro

ExpertGPS Pro lets you:

  • Quickly add GPS field data to your GIS
  • Send GIS layers to your GPS
  • Calculate acreage for any parcel
  • Draw directly over maps and photos
  • Draw and edit shapefiles
  • Work in US State Plane Coordinates, UTM, and lat/lon
  • Convert shapefiles to KML, DXF, and other formats

You can import and export point, polyline, and polygon shapefiles in ExpertGPS Pro. Imported shapefiles are automatically reprojected and aligned with to the topo maps, aerial photos, and your own scanned maps and drawings. Point data may be sent to your GPS as waypoints. Polylines and Polygons can be sent as GPS tracklogs.

ExpertGPS Pro is a perfect tool for merging GPS-collected data with your GIS files. Preview your next job site on the maps in ExpertGPS, and map out a route to follow. Mark new features in the field as waypoints (or take photos with your digital camera) and when you return to the office, ExpertGPS will place them on the map automatically. Make any changes or add additional notes, and then export the data to your company GIS in shapefile format.

ExpertGPS allows you to paste formatted data from Excel or other tabular/CSV formats directly into the Waypoint List, making it easy to move AutoCAD or other data between your workstation and your GPS.

With an easy learning curve and a price your organization can afford, ExpertGPS Pro lets everyone in the office collect, view, and work with geospatial data. ExpertGPS Pro can manage your entire office’s collection of Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, and Eagle GPS receivers, giving you the mapping, GPS transfer, and spatial data entry tools you need to get your next job done in record time.