PowerFactory 2019 SP1 full cracked license

$ 160.00

DIgSILENT has released the new service pack PowerFactory 2019 SP1.
We are glad to announce that this service pack supports localization of the user interface for various languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish.
PowerFactory 2019 includes new and enhanced calculation functions and models, graphics and security features as well as performance improvements.
As usual, you will find all detailed information in the user manual and supporting technical documentation that is delivered with the software.


Major developments in PowerFactory 2019 are:

    This new tool allows you to easily complement your traditional network simulation with a market simulation, without any need for an external tool. This new module solves the unit commitment problem over a predefined period of time, while optimising the operating point of the dispatched generators such to minimise overall operating costs.
    This new feature achieves a major milestone, as it allows you to carry out a co-simulation using RMS and EMT models within the same tool, and even with individual time steps. In addition, the parallelisation of the time-domain simulation in PowerFactory 2019 considerably increases performance. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out a co-simulation with any third party simulation tool via a standardised interface.
    This new tool allows the identification of the amount of generation and consumption that can be connected to distribution feeders without violation of system constraints and without any network expansion. Hence given a performance or system robustness index, the function can automatically identify the hosting capacity of the feeder and report the results according to various criteria.
    Additional features, such as new password security rules, authentication modes, idle session time-out and privacy settings, to support your compliance with general data protection regulations.

Further significant enhancements include:

  • P-Q diagrams of distance starting units
  • Introduction of a fast AC linearised Contingency Analysis method
  • Additional graphical representations for sites and bays
  • Improved Layers concept for diagrams
  • User-Defined Classes, extending the existing Data Extensions concept
  • New combined instrument (current and voltage) transformer model
  • New series surge arrester model
  • Developments for the modelling of saturation and hysteresis curves
  • HVDC model enhancements for reverse power flow
  • Support of Python 3.7
The new and improved models and functions in PowerFactory 2019 continue the process of enhancement and development which ensures that PowerFactory remains an ideal tool for a wide range of network planning and operational studies, from small micro-grids to large transmission and distribution networks, including HVDC and renewable technologies.

We wish you continuing success with DIgSILENT PowerFactory.