MultiSeis Project Manager

$ 140.00

Our next generation project management and reporting package, replacing the popular but dated MultiSeis Classic. Includes optional Quick Q.C. and Binning elements.

MultiSeis Project Manager

Leading edge software to replace and enhance the project management and reporting routines of the popular, widely used but ‘dated’ MultiSeis Lite/Classic.

The MultiSeis Project Manager is a heavily automated project management and reporting package with optional Quick QC.

multiseis project managerMultiSeis Project Manager Summary



  • Unique multi-platform (Currently Windows and Linux, but MAC OSX support coming), modern, easy to use, easily extended, versatile project management and reporting package that adapts to the required project type while minimising manual input and maximising automation.
  • Organises Project Details, Timing, Production, HSE (events, man hours, bunkers, weather etc), QC Data (optional) and more, within a relational database for easy and consistent input/output.
  • Caters for Multi-Vessel, Multi-Block, even Multi-Client.
  • Consolidates data from seperate networks, users input dedicated data but view project wide data, excellent for multi-vessel projects.
  • Option for office based auto updating installation.

Sample Report Outputs


Sample Daily Report


 Sample Monthly Report

Revolutionary networking benefits

Communication between the MultiSeis Manager and a shore-side server offers optional extras such as dedicated defaults, real-time backup and transfers of data to client seats for real-time viewing.

Comprehensive quality outputs

Includes a comprehensive range of pre-determined or user-definable reports, graphs, charts and summaries, generated directly from the software for any period.

Broad base of appeal

  • Oil Companies
  • Seismic Contractors
  • QC Consultancies
  • 2, 3, 4D Seismic, OBC (Cable & Node), CSEM, site surveys etc.


Easily extendable to include Quick QC (in addition, soon to be interfaced to Multiplot for the revised MultiStudio) and/or syncronisation to MultiSeis Global Manager for shore-side web access/archive.

Generate/View Instantly

  • User-Definable Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly etc Reports
  • Charting Utility – Includes:
  • Pre-plots
  • Binning Boundaries
  • Obstructions
  • Progress
  • Production, Timing, HSE, other events, bunkers & weather graphs etc
  • user definable summaries of the above


  • Comprehensive & very flexible
  • A unique solution for Project Management, Reporting, Q.C (optional) and Archiving.
  • Easy and Quick to use, Maximises Automation, minimises manual input.
  • Instantly generates a Comprehensive selection of Charts, Graphs, Summaries and Reports.
  • Optionally an Industry Proven Navigation quick QC content.