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At our annual global event, “Micromine Momentum: Rock, People, Software” on 27 October 2022, we showcased the strengths of mining, the power of people, and the possibilities of software to overcome today’s challenges while building a more prosperous and sustainable mining future.

As mining organisations gear up for change, Micromine remains laser-focused on our number one mission: helping clients meet their operational goals. As a result, the last twelve months have been some of the most significant in our history. We are proud to announce our exciting new innovation and features across our product suite for our Micromine 2023 release!


Next generation technology for mining

Since 1986 we have transformed technological and industry expertise into valuable solutions, delivering eight innovative products to the global mineral resources industry.
We are future-focused, with bold aspirations to shape the next generation of technology that empowers you to achieve outstanding operational and business growth.
With over 22 offices globally, our footprint has become an integral part of the mining sector. We operate in more than 90 countries, with over 50 active mine sites and 3,000 diverse projects.
By innovating experience-driven technologies, we amplify your expertise and accelerate your business. Partnering to solve the challenges you face today and tomorrow.

Our flagship exploration and 3D modelling solution has empowered global geologists for more than 30 years to prospect smarter, model faster and estimate with greater confidence. The latest release features include:

  • Improvements to our powerful 3D GIS visualisation environment for optimised interrogation and comprehension of spatial data. Some of these improvements include enhancements to annotations and labelling to improve stakeholder communication without needing to step outside the product.

  • Greater ease for users to incorporate their modern tools of choice while streamlining workflows by adding support for PostgreSQL, XYZ Tiles and Web Feature Services. Supporting open-source databases and public domain formats enables users to incorporate critical geographic information without undertaking time-consuming and risky manual workarounds.
  • Introduction of age relationships between faults and lithologies in the geology modeller tool*, giving users a faster, more dynamic modelling workflow. It’s now easier to model larger varieties of geological settings with the new fault modelling process that enables users to limit faults by geological units. This means that faults no longer have to cut through every lithology.
  • Our latest release brings even more exciting resource estimation capabilities with improvements to the variogram map enabling users to further interact, refine and assess ore body orientations.

Micromine Beyond provides one integrated environment to streamline every aspect of underground and surface optimisation, mine design and surveying. Our teams have delivered speed and performance improvements and have also introduced:

  • Greater flexibility locating blast-rounds with placement no longer restricted to centreline strings. Plus, incorporate every detail for production schedules with block model attributes and blast consumables now reportable.
  • Optimise open pits faster with a 25% typical speed improvement and new analysis tools to ensure the best results arrive sooner.
  • A better blast design experience with more interactive tools for visualisation and manipulation as well as greater control over data outputs.
  • Generate more realistic blast solids and design outputs using new tools for automated placement and manipulation of ring designs.

The next decade will be one of the most exciting and transformative periods in the mining industry’s history as it strives toward meeting demands for critical raw materials while shifting to a low-carbon and low-waste future. It’s our mission to help clients reach this milestone which is why we have taken the next step towards operational optimisation, our world-leading mine control and fleet management solution, Micromine Pitram, having introduced:

  • A fully integrated Equipment Health feature pack available with the Micromine Pitram For Mobile Enabled Productivity subscription. Micromine Pitram has a rich history of partnering with clients and third parties to incorporate all equipment types and vendors, enabling operations to extract the highest possible value from their investment. Our Equipment Health initiative continues this approach by providing an OEM-agnostic solution that provides operations with actionable insights to reduce mobile fleet breakdowns, repairs and inventory costs. Utilising OEM-agnostic data taken directly from an asset, Equipment Health will enable near real-time condition monitoring delivered over Wi-Fi without needing to download manually from equipment.

  • Cost-effective Pitram Positioning technology, unlocking even greater possibilities for underground operations. This technology allows almost any miner to take advantage of Micromine’s advanced offerings that rely on location-based data, such as Pitram Vision and Pitram 3D. Utilising Bluetooth low-energy beacons installed at selected operational locations, positioning data is fed to in-range Pitram Mobile in-cab devices with incredible accuracy. This can trigger additional actions such as automated waypoints or automated location and equipment rules. Best yet, the underground positioning software offering is included at no additional cost as part of Micromine Pitram’s Mobile-Enabled Productivity subscription package.


Micromine Geobank helps mining organisations take control of their geoscientific information to improve productivity, reduce errors, build confidence, boost insights and power workplace decisions.

  • The solution has expanded to introduce the beta offering for a fully tailored and purpose-built Australian coal field-logging solution. This new offering will enable Australian coal companies to bring early insight to exploration by giving field geologists visual context from surrounding holes during logging and depth correction- all while in the field and based on the CoalLog format.
  • Micromine Geobank’s desktop solution allow’s users to view their data in context with Georeferenced imagery now available in Plan View, providing an added layer of visual validation and context.


Micromine’s product suite is about to get even stronger. Next year, we plan to release our brand-new underground metals scheduling solution, Micromine Advance. Our vision is to deliver a powerful underground scheduling solution that includes all equipment, processes, interactions and dependencies in a detailed, repeatable framework to ensure the mine plan can be executed on schedule.

Stay tuned!

Micromine continues to invest heavily in R&D to help you solve the challenges you face today and tomorrow. Want more information about the Micromine 2023 release?


Team data, united.

Power your workplace with a single, secure, and streamlined data storage solution with Micromine Nexus.

Unite the power of your team and data with Micromine Nexus. A user-friendly web-based platform deployed via the cloud or enterprise network. Micromine Nexus makes mining projects more accessible, manageable, and collaborative, with enhanced workflow designs, advanced file administration, flexible task management and automated team notifications – ensuring that you never get lost in your mining data again.

Enjoy an upgrade on us with a complimentary Micromine Nexus account for every Micromine Origin and Beyond annual subscription user*.

Enhance your organisation’s data culture and drive better business outcomes with access to central, secure and up-to-date data.

reduce risks

Reduce Risk

Share data and knowledge with structured file management providing transparency, clarity, traceability and compliance.

break down silos

Break down Silos

Streamline cross-department collaboration to furnish greater team information and insights.


Enhance Productivity

Stay on track and on task with tools that ensure a clear, structured, and repeatable workflow.

improve usability

Improve Usability

Uncomplicate file access with a customised solution that reflects your ways of working.

The beginnings of better decisions

Micromine Nexus helps teams to drive faster, better, and more informed business decisions by upholding quality at the source.

The product acts as a single source of truth, ensuring that the right people can access and collaborate on the latest project information. Micromine Nexus provides a data architecture solution designed explicitly for mining teams to improve data quality, prevent data corruption and reduce data loss. Thanks to the product’s open platform, virtually any file type can be stored, shared, searched, and audit-tracked in one central location.

Overcome the challenges of manual management that often lead to unstructured, redundant, and discrepant master data. Break free from cumbersome spreadsheets and complex storage structures with a user-friendly solution.

Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, Micromine Nexus provides the tools needed to manage your valuable mining data.

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The future of exploration and mining team collaboration

Micromine Nexus unites mining teams in one transparent workspace.

Whether you’re adding new drillhole data, updating a wireframe, building the block model or optimising a stope design, Micromine Nexus digitally documents your journey – storing every file, every update and every insight.

Maintain master data while cultivating productive workstreams using sophisticated file versioning and branching logic that makes sense of your progress. Stay on top of key activities with integrated task management tools that allow you to create and track the progress of custom team projects, ensuring a clear, structured and repeatable workflow is maintained.

Get new starters up to speed quickly with access to detailed records and if someone leaves, your valuable data and their detailed insights won’t go with them.

Plus, never miss an important update with automated platform notifications.

Your data, managed your way

Meet your data’s regulatory and compliance needs with a fully scalable solution that’s available on a public cloud, private cloud or on-premise offering.

Micromine Nexus also allows your team to set up and manage custom file attributes, delivering standardised data management conventions without the learning curb.

Plus, with access controls that don’t require I.T. intervention, you can ensure that only the right people can view, edit and share the files or entire workspaces they need.

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Bring together the power of your software suite

Micromine Nexus provides direct in-product integration with Micromine Origin and Beyond, making it even easier to manage projects, at just the click of a few buttons And with further integration planned across Micromine’s product suite, there’s plenty more efficiency to come.

Best yet, your subscription upgrade has arrived! Micromine Nexus’ public cloud offerings are available at no cost to eligible Micromine Origin and Beyond annual subscription users. Power your workplace with a single, secure, and streamlined data storage solution free for Micromine Origin and Micromine Beyond annual subscription users*.

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Integrated open pit mine planning software.

Integrated. Intelligent. Intuitive

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Fast Mine Scheduling & Haulage

Dig scheduling, dump scheduling and mine haulage software environment that gives complete results in a fraction of the time.


We’re not just experts in our own software.

A diverse range of services including mine planning, resource estimation, mine feasibility, equipment selection, cost estimation and due diligence consulting services.