KISSsoft 2023 SP4 full cracked software

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KISSsoft is a modular calculation program for the design, optimization and verification of machine elements according to international standards. The individually customized software packages for a wide variety of applications guarantee tailor made solutions and the integration to all common CAD software complete the product.


The new KISSsoft release 2023 comes with numerous novelties. Among others, Gear Mesh Frequencies (GMF) can now be calculated for cylindrical and bevel gears. GMF results are visualized in two different diagrams, i.e. GMF versus rotational frequency of the reference gear, and GMF versus amplitude.


KISSsoft provides powerful analysis tools for gear manufacturing and inspection. The “Design-Manufacturing-Inspection Loop” integrates gear design, manufacturing and metrology into a holistic process.

Module List

KISSsoft has a modular structure: a variety of calculation features are available. You can limit the amount of modules to suit your requirements.

KISSsoft will also introduce more features in the new release such as:

•Bearing frequencies

•Crowned spline 3D geometry

•Fine sizing with additional variation possibilities

•Data exchange GAMA / GDE 3.2 / REXS 1.4

•FKM shaft rating with rainflow matrix

•and many more


The gear calculation covers all common types: cylindrical, bevel, worm, crossed helical, hypoid, and face gears. In addition to calculations based on standards ISO, DIN, AGMA, VDI, etc., numerous sizing and optimization tools are offered, as well as methods that go beyond the standards.

Shafts and Bearings

The shaft and bearing calculation is fully integrated in KISSsoft. Among other things, shaft strengths and rating life of bearings are calculated optionally taking into account internal geometry (ISO TS 16281). The calculation can include several coaxial shafts and their connecting bearings. Torsion and bending-critical eigenfrequencies of the shafts are determined.

Shaft-Hub Connections

When calculating the shaft-hub connections, the system checks whether a connection is valid and whether the pressures occurring remain below the permissible material characteristic values. All calculation modules offer sizing functions for the strength-relevant geometric dimensions and the maximum transmittable torque.


The calculation of bolted joints in KISSsoft enables verification in addition to VDI 2230 Sheet 1 and proof for bolts with FEM results as described in VDI 2230 Sheet 2. Supplementary calculation methods as used in the industry, in addition to VDI 2230 have been implemented. In addition to the report, the distortion diagram, the assembly preload, and the bolt geometry are displayed in graphics.


The most common spring types can be calculated and verified. In order to find a suitable spring for a given load, there are numerous sizing options for individual parameters. A database containing the most common spring materials and wire diameters is provided in KISSsoft. The tolerance standards are also contained in the KISSsoft database. For illustration, the spring characteristic curve and (if available) the Goodman diagram are shown.

Belts and Chain Drives

KISSsoft offers a calculation of V-belts and toothed belts according to available standards and calculation guidelines from the manufacturers. The chain calculation includes the chain type according to DIN ISO 606 and a calculation basis according to DIN ISO 10823. These calculation modules offer helpful sizing functions for the belt length, center distance, necessary width, or number of belts.