ELWAVE 10.0e real-time full cracked version

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ELWAVE 10.0 release notes
Release date:
March 23, 2016
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine


ELWAVE is the premiere automated real-time Elliot Wave software, offering fully labeled charts, projecting targets and exits, trend channels and a Summary that gives a clear and concise overview of signals on multiple time frames.

On top of that you get a charting engine optimized for use with Elliott Wave based trading and a myriad of features such as real-time alerts, extensive scripting capabilities including custom indicators and easy to use, template based, realtime Alerts and Conditions, Scanning and much, much more.

ELWAVE 10 adds Condition Scripts which can be used for instance to define additional entry or exit criteria, such as a trailing-stop, to be used in combination with Elliott Wave based signals. The new Action Scripts allow you to create scripts that connect ELWAVE to other programs (for example your broker’s trading interface)

In addition ELWAVE 10 offers vastly improved multi-monitor support and numerous other enhancements.

Multi Monitor screenshot

  • Improved multi-monitor support:
    • Chart windows can be dragged out of (and back into) the main window and placed anywhere on the Windows desktop
    • New chart layouting options (Stack horizontal or vertical) that work for both docked (inside main window) and detached
      (on the Windows desktop) chart windows
    • Magnetic chart window edges simplify alignment of chart windows to monitor edges
  • Multi Monitor screenshotNew Condition Scripts can be used to create fully customizable real-time Alerts using C# or VB code. This allows for instance writing an exit or profit-taking Alert based on a trailing stop (see examples Trailing Stop Up, Trailing Stop Down and Summary Script Example).
    Because Summary contents are available you can now truly combine Elliott Wave based signals and indicator/scripting based signals.
  • Multi Monitor screenshotNew Action Scripts (C# or VB) can now be used to accomplish anything you might want when an Alert is triggered, for instance to interface with brokers or other applications for automated trading. Accessible by right-clicking on the new Scripts toolbar and when adding a Trigger action in the Summary Alert Setup.
  • Separate Birds Eye View and Summary Inspector panes per chart to in addition to the application-wide Summary and Birds Eye View (see screenshot above under multi-monitor support). You can select any combination to be visible through the View menu.
  • Expert Advisor is now in a separate pane per chart instead of one single window
  • All open charts can now be analyzed simultaneously by holding Shift when clicking the ¬†button (requires Scanning module)
  • Per-chart indication and management of the current on-the-fly Compression setting (and the actual resulting compression in case Automatic is selected). Formerly this was only shown in the ELWAVE main window status bar for the current ‘active’ chart window.
  • Added new menu item Options|Snap chart objects to extremes… to simplify creation and placement of a larger number of trend lines, trend channels and other charting objects. When enabled you can hold the Shift key to temporarily disable snapping for these objects.
  • Continuous indication of current price on the price-axis