Dr ABE Bend (full cracked software)

$ 150.00

Offline Pressbrake Programming (Bending)

Dr ABE Bend allows offline generation of the bending sequence and tooling for HG, HD, HFP & HFE/T series press brakes.

Multiple part programs can be created automatically using Dr Abe Bend Auto drastically reducing PC  programming and pressbrake down time.

  • Increases machine utilisation
  • Virtual bending simulation preventing scrap or rework
  • Sequence and collision checks
  • Full tool management using AP100 Tool Editor


Benefits :

Increased Production Productivity :
  • Streamlines press brake operation with 3D simulation of bend sequence and tooling setup
  • Identify potential problems and collisions, or new tool requirements
  • Maximises machine production by reducing machine setup time
  • Material savings through running virtual simulations instead of actual test parts
  • Quick and easy to change and move tooling
  • Select tools from a comprehensive preloaded press-brake tooling library
Enhanced Programming Productivity (Dr ABE Bend) :
  • Automatic program generation for batch production
  • Automatically limit the amount of tooling setups by utilising common tooling layouts
  • Reduces operator time through background program processing

Features :

  • Compatible with ATC, BI-S, BI-L and L-Shift (machine options)
  • Semi-automatic mode to generate programs for individual parts
  • Feasibility check and simulation for identifying collisions and tooling problems
  • 3D part viewer for confirmation of part and bend data
  • Automatic and manual back gauge position control
  • Amada digital database (SDD) integration, programs can be directly loaded onto HFP/HD press brake series
  • Used in conjunction with LinkPAD Transmission software, programs can be transferred to the HFE/T and HFE II Pressbrake Series
  • 3D bending graphics on HFP/HD press brake series and LinkPAD transmission software
  • Graphical simulation
  • Reads 3D CAD created from either AP100 3D Mod or Sheetworks
  • Fully automatic mode to generate programs, schedules and common layouts based on set priorities (option)

Options :

  • Dr Abe Bend Auto
  • HFE/T programming (via LinkPAD)