CAPWAP 2014 (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program)

$ 170.00

CAPWAP (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program)

Signal matching software that uses force and velocity data measured by the PDA to:

  • Simulate a static load test in compression and tension
  • Predict the load displacement behavior
  • Determines stresses at each depth along the pile


CAPWAP (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program) is a software program that estimates total bearing capacity of a pile or shaft, as well as resistance distribution along the shaft and at the toe. The program inputs the force and velocity data obtained with a Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) system to perform a soil resistance test. It is essential to post-process PDA data with CAPWAP for at least one foundation element per job. CAPWAP completes the Dynamic Load Testing procedure and simulates a Static Load Test to determine the deep foundation capacity.

CAPWAP 2014 has improved features for the analysis of drilled shafts and other concrete piles, such as variable time increment/wave speed, an automatic routine to calculate variable impedance, and area calculations based on field measurements. The program includes a completely automated mode as well as adjustable parameters with which the user systematically improves the calculated results of the pile capacity test. CAPWAP works in English, Metric or SI units, and features numerous help features that have been expanded for the 2014 version. A comprehensive report is a new output option.

The CAPWAP manual introduces the user to the wave equation theory and signal matching procedure on which the program is based.

CAPWAP is the industry state-of-practice tool to establish the pile capacity. Read a keynote lecture on the Correlation between CAPWAP results and actual Static Load Test results.

CAPWAP Software Specifications

Works with Windows 7, 8 and 10