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Stereoscopic CAD for drone images 3D inspection and plotting

StereoCAD improves stereoscopic navigation and 3D plotting using images acquired by a drone (or other system that provides images with compatible overlap). StereoCAD is an innovative software designed to make smart and modern the use of stereoscopic images from drone. With StereoCAD you can perform extremely accurate inspections and 3D measurements, thanks to active stereoscopic perception. At the same time, there are advanced CAD commands ideal for cartographic and architectural plotting. StereoCAD returns you to the real 3D world!



A complete CAD environment is present within StereoCAD. All drawing, editing and format commands are available and compatible with popular standards. An advanced code drawing system (smart draw) allows you to automate repetitive tasks maximizing the efficiency and accuracy.


An agile and modern interface allows you to quickly switch from the CAD to the stereo and the 3D views. An overview RGB point cloud is imported or generated at project creation: through it, you can open the stereoscopic view directly on the clicked point. While stereoscopy is active you can draw 3D CAD entities, viewable and manageable even later, when stereoscopy is off.


In addition to active LCD stereoscopy, there are anaglyphic and monoscopic modes too.
There are three types of the stereo model navigation:

  • cartographic, the traditional context of  aerial/drone images, turned to the ground;
  • vertical plane, where the Y axis is reversed with Z;
  • 360° Full 3D, where stereoscopic pairs can be oriented at 360° around the subject.


StereoCAD is fully compatible with the data processed by APS, but it can also import and use the data produced by other software, such as PhotoScan and Post Flight Terra3D.

Main Features

  • GCPs Reprojections report tool
  • Osnap to an object will now highlight that object
  • Camera mounting angle can now be selected while importing Pix4d, Photoscan, OPKBundle and generic projects
  • Drawn object will have the color of the active layer
  • User can recover last stereo visited point after reopening the project
  • 2 more shapes of the cursor
  • Images path editor
  • Choose between multi osnap selection or single osnap selection
  • Import generic project from different dataset merging the images
  • Import from OPKBundle let you select images folder if images are missing
  • CAD Overview window (linked to stereoscopic window)
  • User can avoid automatic Z adjustment after PAN
  • DEM rendering as contours
  • DEM Patch toolsCompatibilità con dati da APS, PhotoScan, PostFlight Terra 3D ed altri software
  • Numero illimitato di immagini gestibili
  • Visione monoscopica e streoscopica attiva e anaglifica
  • Visualizzazione rapida delle stereo coppie in multi-threading
  • Navigazione del modello Full 3D, cartografica e piano verticale
  • Ambiente CAD 3D con tutte le principali funzioni
  • Importazione/esportazione dai formati CAD più diffusi
  • Tool di generazione manuale del DTM e verifica di punti di controllo
  • Gestione e supporto della trackball
  • Disponibile per Windows 7/8/8.1