OpenDMIS 6.5 full cracked license

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Recently, Wenzel America released a new version of OpenDMIS. Usually, software version updates are not a topic that is of interest to the general public, however, one of the new features of OpenDMIS 6.5 is really exciting to me.

Currently, using a REVO sensor you can collect a large number of points with the sensor. You can do this today with OpenDMIS and in the case of a blade, you can utilize the OpenDMIS Blade package to do analysis on the blade. As you can see from the picture above, the amount of data collect for the edge is in the tens of thousands. You can already do a CAD compare of the measurement, but what if you could export any of the high density point data you collect and measure that point cloud? Now you can. One of the major new enhancements is Point Cloud Inspection.

OpenDMIS 6.5 adds over 15 new functions to allow the virtual measurement of an object from a point cloud.

  • The data can be ASCII XYZ data, or STL data.
  • OpenDMIS will display the STL as triangulated data.
  • A surface can be fitted from the point data.Real time measurement is then supported from a new Icon Pick and Measure on Point Cloud.
  • With a point cloud mesh from STL, the part can be measured offline, as if it were being probed by the CMM.
  • Prismatic features can be fitted using a series of selectable algorithms.

What does this mean for you? You can leverage the power of the REVO-2 and it’s 500mm/sec speed to collect thousands of points and look at that data in a completely new way. Additionally, with the REVO-2, those points are collected at 4000 pts/sec, so you will not be waiting long before you can analyze the data.

Point cloud analysis may not be new. What is great for OpenDMIS users is that they can now have access to this type of evaluation for the relatively minor cost of making their current software maintenance agreement (SMA) current. It also shortens the loop between sensor and analysis because OpenDMIS is driving the machine and controlling the sensor, and now it has the capability of providing you the point cloud inspection on the same box.

Other OpenDMIS 6.5 enhancements include:

  • Body in White
  • Blade functionality (19 new functions and supports the following industry calculations: Pratt and Whitney United Technologies, Rolls Royce, G.E., and Snecma.
  • Group Point Measurement (GPM): This feature allows large numbers of points to be processed in a batch rather than individually, meaning less communication back and forth between the controller and the software. What does this mean for you? GPM can dramatically reduce cycle time.
  • Dual Arm systems: Over 20 improvements
  • Very large CAD support
  • One of my favorites: “calculating Euler angles. 5 Axis Programming with OpenDMIS using Revo and PH20 has always allowed for the use of Euler angles for probe articulations. When using Euler angles, the probe will automatically update the selected angle so it is always in the same orientation to the part even when the part is rotated
  • And much much more. Please contact us directly and ask “#whatsnewwithOpenDMIS!. Someone will send you out the PDF with the new enhancements.