MultiSeis Manager Quick QC

$ 140.00

The MultiSeis Manager Quick QC is seamlessly integrated into the MultiSeis Project Manager software, replacing the QC module of the widely used but ‘dated’ MultiSeis Lite/Classic. Providing a much improved interface, simpler import functions and enhanced outputs.

quick qcMultiSeis Manager Quick QC Summary



  • Unique multi-platform (Currently Windows but MAC OSX & Linux coming), modern and easy to use
  • Can be provided with or without project management and reporting
  • Requires minimal effort to gather a variety of summarised EOL QC and P1/90 data
  • Providing data is uniquely identifiable via a data heading and data columns within the files are delimited, any defined data type can be imported. Additional data types can also be defined if required
  • Includes some unique and easy to view displays including feather, separations, offsets, comparisons to pre-plot etc calculated from P1/90
  • Time series data from any combination of sequences can be overlaid
  • Specifications and nominals can be included in applicable graphs
  • Summary QC data can be presented via the MultiSeis Global Manager if required (coming soon)

Revolutionary networking benefits

Communication between the MultiSeis Manager Quick QC and a shore-side server offers optional extras such real-time backup and transfer of data to each client seat for real-time viewing.

Comprehensive quality outputs

Includes a comprehensive range of pre-determined or user-definable graphs, charts and summaries, generated directly from the software for any range of sequences, lines or dates.

Broad base of appeal

  • Oil Companies
  • Seismic Contractors
  • QC Consultancies
  • 2, 3, 4D Seismic, OBC (Cable & Node), CSEM, site surveys etc.

Generate/View Instantly

From P1/90:

  • Grid Track Plots
  • Shot Replay
  • Feather Track
  • Time Series Graphs
  • Separations
  • Shotpoint Comparisons
  • Streamer Depths

From EOL Diagnostics (when available in the file):

  • Inline/Radial Seperations
  • XLine Seperations
  • Network QC (includes: Error Ellipses, Unit Variance, Degrees of Freedom, Streamer Rotations, Streamer Misclosures)
  • GPS QC (includes: Antenna Heights, Prime/Secondary GPS Dop values, Average and Min Satellites used, Primary/Secondary Differences, Shotpoint Interval Distance and Time)
  • Streamer Depths and Vessel Speed
  • Source Pressures and Depths
  • Bad Channels and Shots
  • Feather Angles and Water Depths


  • Comprehensive & very flexible
  • A unique solution for Q.C
  • Easy and Quick to use, Maximises Automation, minimises manual input.
  • Instantly generates a Comprehensive selection of Charts, Graphs, Summaries and Reports.
  • Industry Proven Navigation quick QC content.