midas Civil 2020 V1.1 cracked license

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Civil 2020 (v1.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.


1. Maximum Number Limit of Erection Load Cases for Construction Stage Analysis

2. Multiple Modulus of Elasticity for Composite Prestressed Girder

3. Improvement in Prestressed Composite Bridge Wizard: Non-continuous Precast Beam

4. Improvement in Prestressed Composite Bridge Wizard: Diaphragm

5. Bilinear Type Spring Stiffness for Surface Spring Support

6. Force/Stress Contouring based on Center Value of Plate Elements

7. Concurrent Reactions of Moving Load Analysis with respect to Node Local Axis

8. Concurrent Forces of Elastic Links and General Links for Moving Load Analysis

9. Analysis Filtering of Elastic Links and General Links in Moving Load Analysis

10. New Inelastic Hinge Type: Parametric P-M (multi-curve)

11. Precast Section DB: AS Super-T

12. Response Spectrum Function: AS 5100.2-2017

13. User-Defined Drying Basic Shrinkage Strain: AS 5100.5-2017

14. Relaxation of Tendons: AS 5100.5-2017

15. User-Defined stress Limit for Crack Check: AS 5100.5-2017

16. Dynamic Load Allowance for Expansion Joint: AASHTO LRFD

17. Standard Vehicles: Indiana Department of Transportation

18. Standard Vehicles: Colombian CCP-14

19. Auto-Generation of Load Combination: BS 5400

20. Design Report in Czech

21. Response Spectrum Function: Philippines DPWH-BSDS 2013

22. India Material Database Update

23. IRS Load Combination

24. Prestressed Concrete Design by IRS Concrete Bridge Code