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Powering the Digital Energy Landscape

Integrated Electrical Digital Twin Platform Enriched with Intelligent Solutions

ETAP 22 offers a multitude of new of integrated power analysis modules, electrical dimensioning capabilities, automation, and operations solutions. From advanced renewable energy modeling, safety compliance, simulation tools, and leading-edge model-driven real-time network management solutions, ETAP 22 addresses user requirements and industry needs. The new release comes with an improved user experience and Interface, a faster and more responsive platform, and 1,000’s of enhancements and time-saving improvements supporting our customers with technology and best practices to be more:

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Make all the right moves to improve safety



Maximize your power system reliability



Maximize your operational efficiency



Simplify and maintain regulatory compliance



Fast & accurate integration of renewables in the new energy landscape

What’s New?


Arc Flash & Shock Protection Int. Stds

Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance based on International Stds.

  • Arc flash analysis based on IEC-60909-2016
    • ArcFault based on IEC 60909-2016
    • IEC Arc flash Decay
    • IEC Single Phase Arc Flash
  • Arc flash analysis based on DGUV-I 203-077 (German Arc flash)
    • Schau, H.; Halinka, A.
    • DGUV-I 203-077 (Worst-case)
  • Shock risk assessment based on regional electrical worker safety standards: US NFPA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Australia, Europe IEC, Austria, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain


Unbalanced AC & DC Short Circuit

Unsymmetrical system fault simulation for unbalanced networks

Device Duty Calculation & Evaluation for Single-Phase, Multi-Phase AC & DC Systems

  • Unbalanced faults on Unsymmetrical systems
    • Shunt fault – 3-Phase, 3-Phase to ground fault
    • Line to Ground fault – Phase A or Phase B or Phase C
    • Line – Line to ground fault
    • Simultaneous Faults
  • Unbalanced Short Circuit Analysis based on international standards:
    • GOST Russian Std.
    • ANSI AC, DC Std.
    • IEC AC 60909 & IEC DC 61660 Std.
  • Short Circuit simulation and result visualization on OLV and GIS view
  • Generator circuit breaker duty evaluation per IEC 62271 / ANSI

Active Harmonic Filter

Digital Twin Element for Modeling of Electric Networks

  • Active Filter Harmonic Correction – Automatic & Manual​
  • Filter Sizing​
  • Unbalance Correction​


Grid Interconnection Solutions for Solar and Wind Power Plants

  • Automated grid code evaluation of
    • Real and reactive power capability
    • Harmonic distortion and resonance
    • Voltage & Frequency Ride Through
  • Compliance per ENA Engineering Recommendation G5/5 (United Kingdom)
  • Capability Curve for Wind Turbine Generator & Inverters
  • Grid Code Rulebooks:
    • P-Q Capability & Equipment Control
    • Voltage Ride Through
    • Voltage Regulation

Verified & Validated Equipment & Protective Devices Libraries

Over 12,000 ETAP Engineering Libraries added, including extensive protective device & equipment models from different manufacturers across the world.

ETAP Engineering Libraries include an extensive set of equipment manufacturers with thousands of models with new entries added in every release. These libraries are compiled based on the latest available standards and equipment data.  Every engineering library release goes through a Verification & Validation process to ensure and confirm that the technical accuracy is based on the equipment manufacturers’ publications.

Lightning Risk Assessment

Raise protection from lightning exposure to new heights. Identify and assess risks for a structure due to lightning flashes to earth and selection of appropriate protection measures to be adopted to reduce the risk to or below the tolerable limit.

  • Standard For Lightning Protection Systems
    • NFPA 780 2014
    • NFPA 780-2020
  • IEC 62305-2 Ed. 2.0 en:2010 Protection Against Lightning – Part 2: Risk Management
  • Lightning Density / Frequency Maps provide better resolution for risk assessment calculations

Unbalanced Harmonics

Unsymmetrical harmonic analysis for unbalanced networks

Simulate harmonic sources, identify harmonic problems, reduce nuisance trips, design and test filters, and report harmonic distortion limit violations.

  • Unbalanced AC Harmonic Analysis
  • Harmonic Load Flow
  • Include harmonic mitigation & unbalanced correction using Active Harmonic Filters


Intelligent One-Line Diagram is the foundation for network visualization of electrical networks​

  • Result Animation​
  • Intelligent Single-Line Diagram – AutoComplete™ ​
  • Network Manager with Advanced Queries​
  • Flexible Equipment Symbol Resizing​
  • Enhanced Composite Networks​

Intelligent Controllers

Renewable energy control system including microgrids & power plant controllers

  • Controller Element for Renewable Energy Control System Modeling & Analysis
  • Ready to use Controllers with user-defined parameterizations
    • Primary Controllers – Solar, Wind, Inverters, Energy Storage System, STATCOM
    • Hybrid Power Plant / Station Controller for Secondary Control
    • Grid Following & Grid Forming Inverters
    • Microgrid Controller, Gateway, Synch Check Relay
    • Operator Training Simulator
    • Grid Code Analyzer
  • Graphical selection of monitored and controlled devices
  • Automatic parameterization of ‘black boxed’ DLLs.


Generate and customize AC & DC arc flash labels

Graphical tool for creating templates and generating modern arc flash labels

  • Arc flash label templates
  • QR code feature
  • Cloud-based data management


Evaluate flicker compliance against emission limits

Instantaneous, short-term (Pst) and long-term flicker (Plt) perceptions

  • Flicker calculations based on IEC 61000-4-15 – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Signal processing
    • Import waveform recordings in a CSV file format
    • Analyze up to 20 signals
    • Support up to 500 million data points (6.5 GB file sizes)

Digital Twin Elements

Foundation for network modeling of electrical networks

  • Active Filter with Harmonic Mitigation, Sizing & Unbalance Correction
  • Enhanced Controller to include Inverter dynamics
  • Transformer grounding impedance for 2-W, 3-W and Zigzag grounding transformers


Integrated Maintenance Management

An integrated asset management application providing engineers access to equipment information via mobile devices, create and manage work orders, and can access ETAP projects, including procedures, tests, and maintenance documentation.

  • Integrated Maintenance Management
  • Access Asset information via Mobile devices
  • Manage maintenance
  • Create and manage work orders
  • Integrated with ETAP Model
  • Include procedures, test, and maintenance documentation records