EasyPower 2024 cracked release

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EasyPower Software

The EasyPower product suite delivers a full lineup of powerful electrical software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. With the fastest processing speeds on the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous, accurate results to help you make more intelligent decisions. Watch the overview video below to learn more.


EasyPower is a software tool used for design, analysis, and optimization of electrical power systems. Widely used by designers, engineers, and owner-operators, EasyPower’s industry leading user interface and interactive one-line diagrams allow for efficient creation and management of digital models. Analysis capabilities include short circuit, arc flash, equipment duty, protection & coordination, power flow, motor starting, harmonics, transient stability

EasyPower, part of Bentley Systems, is excited to announce the release of EasyPower 2024, with major new features including support for NFPA 70E 2024, Harmonics updates for IEEE 1547 and 2800, the ability to change names directly on the one-line, and a powerful new licensing service.  Other new features include improvements to data entry in the database browser, auto-calculated library information for more equipment, the ability to store and view arc flash calculations in the Database Browser, and support for Revit 2024.

EasyPower Features
Integrated One-line – Model three-phase, single-phase, and DC equipment on an integrated one-line diagram – balanced and unbalanced.
Data Collection with Camera Integration – Within EasyPower, take pictures and link with equipment in one-line. Add names, notes, details, and tags. (Data collection in EasyPower webpage)
ScenarioManager™ – Manage alternative scenarios and configurations for what-if or worst-case analysis.
Manufacturer Libraries – Digital models of electrical equipment and devices from all major manufacturers.
Database Browser & Report – Interactive spreadsheet views of database information for data verification, changes, and custom report creation.
MCC & Panel Schedules – Automated and synchronized schedules for the one-line diagrams or spreadsheet exports.
SendCAD™ – Send graphical one-lines to CAD and PDF.
SmartDesign™ – Automatic rule based sizing of equipment, cables, protective devices, and transformers.
Revit® Integrator™ – Bi-directionally transfer data and results between Autodesk Revit and EasyPower allowing efficient workflow between analysis and design iterations.
SmartBreaker™ – In analysis modules, study switching conditions instantly by opening and closing devices.
ShortCircuit™ – Instantly calculate and visualize AC and DC short circuits, verify protective device and equipment ratings for ANSI, IEC 60909, NEC and NFPA compliance. (AC & DC included)
Protection & Coordination™ – Easily generate, modify, and store time current curves (TCCs) for overcurrent protection and selective coordination.
ArcFlash™ – Perform incident energy calculations, create labels, and verify compliance with IEEE 1584, NFPA 70E, and OSHA. LV and HV up to 800 kV, AC, DC, and single phase all in one comprehensive module.
SmartPDC™– Automatically set protective devices for selective coordination and compliance with standards.
PowerFlow™ – Optimize voltage drop, conductor and equipment loading, power factor, losses, transformer taps, and real and reactive load flows at each branch and bus. (This includes balanced and unbalanced AC, and DC)
Harmonics – Analyze system harmonic conditions for standards or interconnect compliance, optimization, troubleshooting, and filter design.
Reliability – Calculate reliability, assess contingency plans, and quantify downtime costs.
Transient Motor Starting – Solve complex motor starting scenarios to verify system stability.
Dynamic Stability – Simulate dynamic interaction between machines, networks, and protective device actions. Keep your system stable & avoid downtime.